The Maui Newshttp://www.mauinews.comTop Blogsen-usSun, 23 Nov 2014 12:10:56 EDTSun, 23 Nov 2014 12:10:56 EDT and the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center<p><a href=''><b>The Maui Nisei Veterans Center Web Site</a></b><p><p> <P> <p><a href=', 22 Nov 2014 14:36:08 EDTThe Next Governor's Strategy for Hawai'i's Economy's-Strategy-for-Hawai'i's-Economy.html<p><a href=''><b>See Maui News: A Positive Mood Lifts the Economy</a></b><p><p> <P> On Tuesday, a new Governor will be elected for the State of Hawai'.Sun, 2 Nov 2014 17:50:28 EDTDriver License Tests and 'Olelo Hawai'i'Olelo-Hawai'i.html<p>"<i>Tr gan teanga, tr gan anam</i>." (In the Irish language from Patrick Henry Pearse, an Irish nationalist leader)* <p> Translation to English: "A country without its language is a country without its soul.Sun, 26 Oct 2014 17:42:57 EDTThe Most Famous Hawai'i Architect Was from Haiku'i-Architect-Was-from-Haiku.html<p>The Wailuku Library is rather unassuming, like somebody's old house-but you should look carefully at this prominent historic building built in 1928 -- designed by C.W. Dickey, perhaps the greatest "regional" architect of Hawaii.Sat, 18 Oct 2014 16:29:04 EDTA Positive Mood Lifts the Economy<p>It is late September, a few days until real "fall" in October, and it is still hot and still. Walking in an asphalt mall from the parking lot to an air-conditioned supermarket is an excruciating experience.Mon, 29 Sep 2014 18:27:49 EDT