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Something is familiar II

October 20, 2013 We wrote an editorial last year comparing the Wednesday morning after Election Day to the movie “Groundhog Da. more »»

Number one — still and again

October 19, 2013 Well, you have to hand it to readers of Conde Nast Traveler — they know a good thing when they see it. more »»

Comfort is on hold

October 18, 2013 A few months ago we were playing golf with a friend when a Boeing 757 leaving Kahului Airport flew overhead. “There goes the worst, most uncomfortable plane that ever flew,” our friend remarked. more »»

Not a matter for a vote

October 17, 2013 It is disturbing that some of the people protesting the special session of the Legislature that will deal with the rights of gays and lesbians to marry would like to see the measure put to popular... more »»

All talk, no listen

October 16, 2013 If you are like most people who use a computer, your email is probably riddled with all kinds of pieces forwarded by friends or acquaintances. more »»

Avoiding the real problem

October 15, 2013 Thursday is the deadline for extending the United States’ debt ceiling. Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are working to reach a compromise. more »»

Sort of a holiday

October 14, 2013 Today is one of those sort-of holidays. Title 5 of the United States Code set aside the second Monday of October as Columbus Day. more »»

Troublemakers in cyberspace

October 13, 2013 We are always amazed when smart people turn to criminal — or even just malicious — endeavors. Probably there is no better example of wasted brains than computer viruse. more »»

Odds and ends on a Saturday

October 12, 2013 Thursday we wrote a little piece here about raising the national debt ceiling. more »»

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 11, 2013 October has been declared Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Maui County. According to a recent story in The Maui News, there were 4,753 abuse incidents last year in our county reported to police. more »»

Clock ticking, money wasting

October 10, 2013 Well, it’s Tuesday afternoon at 3:48 and according to the U.S. National Debt Clock the country is in hock to the tune of $16,968,054,960. more »»

Welcome to the whales

October 9, 2013 The first whales of the season have already been spotted in Maui’s water. more »»

A missed opportunity?

October 8, 2013 Back in more naive days (more than three years ago), we wrote often in this space that a light rail system from Central Maui to the resort areas should be considered. more »»

Lives being put at risk

October 7, 2013 As if they were domestic arsenals, homes are filled with all sorts of items that, if used improperly by children, can kill. Bug spray. Prescription medicines. Household cleaners. Power tools. more »»

Public pressure will end deadlock

October 6, 2013 The government shutdown seeks to refight battles that have already been decided. more »»

Obamacare: Wait and see

October 5, 2013 It will be years before the full effect of Obamacare is felt. Whether it stays open will depend on Congress and Congresses to come. Republicans don’t like President Obama’s health care reform. more »»

Decivilized America

October 4, 2013 “Be nice.” What mother hasn’t said that, at one time or another, when her frustration with an unruly child was just beginning to peak. more »»

Family fun at the fair

October 3, 2013 Two years ago, the Maui Fair got a new name (just the Maui Fair, not Maui County Fair), but almost a century’s worth of family fun continued its long tradition. more »»

Talking to Iran makes sense

October 2, 2013 In his speech to the U.N. General Assembly, President Obama . . . more »»

Laws are a balancing act

October 1, 2013 Generating, accessing and protecting public/private records can accurately be described as some of the most potent issues of our age. It is a topic loaded with such significance that . . . more »»



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