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Saluting this year’s grads

June 2, 2015 Beginning with the special section in the May 22nd edition of The Maui News, we have enjoyed reading about all of the graduates of 201. more »»

Explanation is required

May 31, 2015 The Hawaii State Teachers Association board of directors needs to be more forthcoming about why it rejected the results of the recently concluded election for union officers. more »»

Blurring the lines

May 29, 2015 There is no question that the business of news has changed dramatically in the last half century. more »»

Bumbling along with your money

May 28, 2015 Back in the bad old days of the Great Recession, we were very critical of the Lingle administration delaying tax refunds to Hawaii’s citizens until the next fiscal yea. more »»

Prepare for storm season

May 27, 2015 The devastating flooding in Texas and the tornados that ripped apart portions of the south and Midwest this past weekend reminded us that it is time to begin preparations for storm season here in... more »»

The changed face of war

May 26, 2015 In our mind, Memorial Day has always been a solemn occasion marked by the grizzled faces of veterans whose sad eyes reflect visages of fallen comrades and un-erasable images of lonely battlefields. more »»

Memorial Day’s true meaning

May 24, 2015 Monday is Memorial Day. It is a day intended to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in war while serving in the armed forces of the United States of America. more »»

A little girl lost

May 22, 2015 Memorial Day weekend is a time for remembering those who have served our country in the armed forces. But, sometimes, memories of others are stirred, too. . . . more »»

Friday is ‘Don’t Fry Day’

May 21, 2015 Friday has been designated “Don’t Fry Day” by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention — a day for all of us who live out here on a tropical island to remember that skin cancer caused by... more »»

Events are unsettling

May 20, 2015 For those of us who have led sheltered lives, some recent news events shook the core of our civilization. more »»

Common sense and health care

May 19, 2015 Almost exactly a year ago, state legislators were assailing Michael Gold, president of the Hawaii Medical Service Association, for suggesting that Hawaii didn’t need a health insurance exchange... more »»

Catalyst for change

May 17, 2015 There are a few Supreme Court rulings that are so significant that virtually everyone who attended school has heard of them: * Marbury v. more »»

Our data at risk

May 15, 2015 Computer usage has become so ubiquitous that it is impossible for many of us to imagine a modern world without these handy tools. They sit on our desktops and power our televisions. more »»

12 things you need to ignore

May 14, 2015 One of the problems with the Internet age is there are a lot of Web pages that have to be fille. more »»

Troubling report

May 13, 2015 Several news organizations had stories Tuesday on a Pew Research Center report that showed a decline in religious affiliation in general — and Christianity, in particular — in the United States. more »»

Longevity and reality

May 12, 2015 People are living longer today — a lot longer. Whether it is because of better medical care or healthier lifestyles, today’s population is living a lot longer than its parents or grandparent. more »»

Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015 “One bright and guiding light “That taught me wrong from right “I found in my mother’s eyes . . . “God’s gift sent from above “One real unselfish love “I found in my mother’s eyes. more »»

The gates are wide open

May 8, 2015 Well, we have Bridgegate for Chris Christie, Servergate and Donorgate for Hillary Clinton, and Boringgate for the rest of the 2016 presidential field. more »»

Anniversary of V-E Day

May 7, 2015 Friday is the 70th celebration of Victory in Europe. May 8, 1945, is marked as the day that Germany surrendered, when the Nazis laid down their arms ending the European part of World War II. more »»

Learning from JFK

May 6, 2015 “Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. more »»



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