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Reducing dependence on oil must be part of debate

December 22, 2014 Regarding the Dec. more »»

Happy talk is not the way to solve real problems

December 22, 2014 The Dec. 15 editorial praised President Ronald Reagan’s optimistic pronouncements in contrast with his predecessor Jimmy Carter’s scolding. The justification was that optimism is good for the economy. more »»

President was right to criticize Sony’s decision

December 21, 2014 I applaud President Barack Obama for saying the Sony Corp. made a mistake by not airing the movie “The Interview” in theaters in response to threats emanating from North Korea. more »»

Mayor playing politics with choice as parks head

December 21, 2014 One of the duties of executives of organizations is to hire the right people to fill key leadership positions. more »»

Movie about killing dictator tasteless, not funny

December 21, 2014 What does it take to be a Sony Pictures exec? Apparently not much — at least in the area of smarts. more »»

Free trade is needed for optimal distribution

December 20, 2014 A Dec. 10 letter writer states that “89 percent of Hawaii voters support a state distribution system.” While this would be better than nothing, it is of course not the optimal system. more »»

Returning to faith will bring healing to America

December 20, 2014 A man’s relationship with faith and God teaches liberty and prosperity while inspiring the world with education, industry, creativity, community, political diversity yet unity, charity and family. more »»

On the contrary, judge didn’t overturn election

December 20, 2014 In a Dec. 18 letter a writer laments that a federal judge on the Mainland overturned a legal election. That is completely untrue. more »»

By comparing gas prices, gouging becomes obvious

December 20, 2014 I recently filled my automobile gas tank at Costco where the gas price was $2.89 per gallon (probably even less now). The national brand stations in Kihei were at or near $3.8. more »»

MEO’s transportation services are a godsend

December 20, 2014 Congratulations to Maui Economic Opportunity on its upcoming 50 years of service. I’ve ridden the MEO bus for the past four years. I am in a wheelchair with multiple medical conditions. more »»

America is long overdue to return to its roots

December 18, 2014 I stood up, pumped my fist and let out a loud “Yes!” that may have been heard all the way to the Mainland after reading Diane Dimond’s essay titled “A republic or a democracy — let’s get this... more »»

Bias detected in story about new parks director

December 18, 2014  The Maui News’ headline writers and the editors who review the paper before it goes to print continue to show bias in so-called news columns. more »»

Lives are temporary so show love for one another

December 18, 2014  In this temporary world in which we all live one thing is and has always been the same: Once born, we all will some day di. more »»

Democracy or republic? Clear answers provided

December 18, 2014  I have never read a more edifying piece of reporting than Diane Dimond’s article “A republic or a democracy — let’s get this straight” (The Maui News, Dec. 13). more »»

Traffic signals are not taken seriously by some

December 18, 2014  Seems to me that traffic signals are just suggestions to some of the drivers on Maui. more »»

Police’s professionalism evident at demonstration

December 17, 2014  Thank you for covering the demonstration (The Maui News, Dec. 11). more »»

S. Kihei Road monkeypod trees in need of protection

December 17, 2014  Dec. 19 climaxes a nearly four-year effort for a layer of protection for the MPQ, the acronym for four monkeypod trees in north Kihei, part of a grove of 14 on South Kihei Road makai. more »»

If legal vote can be overturned, why pay taxes?

December 17, 2014  The American Revolution was fought over taxation without representation. more »»

Snooki’s opinion is about as relevant as Cheney’s

December 16, 2014  If the media think we are interested in what Dick Cheney has to say about the CIA report or anything else, should we not also get Snooki’s view? Tim Gunter Wailuku ... more »»

State should have no authority over right to die

December 16, 2014  Why do we assume the state has authority over our right to die as we please? It assumes it does and people accept it, but is this right? For myself, it’s irrelevant as I won’t cede that authority t... more »»



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