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Popular vote is the only one that should count

March 27, 2015 Lately there has been a lot of discussion about “forced” voting. That is really not the point. You can always cast a “blank” vote. more »»

Delay harms integrity of local political process

March 27, 2015 Regarding three recent articles in The Maui News: Judge Susan Oki Mollway delayed the implementation of a moratorium on the farming of GMO crops. more »»

Judging Obama presidency is an exercise in futility

March 26, 2015 Recent letters to the editor trying to assess Barack Obama’s presidency are an exercise in futility. We are too close to the event to make an objective evaluation. more »»

Are celestial orbs signs for mortals or coincidence?

March 26, 2015 In Genesis 1:14, God made the celestial orbs for “signs.” In Joel 2:31, “the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon into blood.” On March 20, the sun went dark with a total solar eclipse. more »»

Decals should be OK, if not obstructing view of road

March 26, 2015 In response to constituent requests, I have introduced a bill to allow decals and stickers on side mirrors and rear windows of vehicles as long as they don’t obstruct the driver’s clear view of the... more »»

Maui police were hunting on St. Patrick’s Day

March 26, 2015 With all due respect to the Maui Police Department, “To serve and protect.” It was apparent to me that on St Patrick’s day they were hunting. more »»

Claim that moratorium is not a ban is disingenuous

March 26, 2015 Although I voted on the anti-GMO side and hope that the will of the voters will be enforced, the specific claim that “it is a moratorium, not a ban” is disingenuous. more »»

Obama spreads lack of love among diverse groups

March 25, 2015 Several letters published in The Maui News have agreed with Rudy Giuliani’s statement that President Obama does not love the USA. more »»

Bicyclists, generally, show a disregard for road rules

March 25, 2015 When I was young I received my first bicycle. With that bike came some well-explained rules. more »»

President disrespects only U.S. Middle East ally, Israel

March 25, 2015 Our president, desiring to make a deal with Iran, used the phony excuse that he could not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Bebe Netanyahu so close to Israel’s election. more »»

Not following standards would jeopardize cemetery improvements

March 24, 2015 I’d like to correct and/or clarify some of the misconceptions found in the March 18 editorial, as well as some of the comments found in the front-page article from March 13 regarding the Fourth of... more »»

Maui’s energy future topic of conference this week

March 24, 2015 The upcoming Maui Energy Conference & Exhibition March 25-27 will be a great opportunity to get facts about the proposed merger with NextEra and Hawaiian Electric Co. more »»

No HC&S would be a turn for the worse for Maui

March 24, 2015 HC&S is a company that has been around for well over 100 years here on Maui. They offer a substantial amount of benefits to Hawaii and Maui’s communities. more »»

Putting landfill in scenic corridor poor planning

March 24, 2015 If you have never lived downwind of a landfill that was forced upon your community long after the community was built, you should not cast stones at those protesting the landfill’s ongoing impacts... more »»

Cemetery a community issue, not a federal one

March 24, 2015 Kudos on your editorial of March 18 decrying the federal intervention prohibiting the marshaling of the Independence Day Parade in the parking lot of the veterans cemetery. more »»

Anaergia says landfill, energy crop projects workable, nature friendly

March 22, 2015 While Doug McLeod is entitled to his views (Viewpoint, March 18), unfortunately his opinions seem to be based on inaccurate information and assumptions, and perhaps from a lack of familiarity with... more »»

Remembrances exclude sugar cane smoke issues

March 22, 2015 The ol’ cane smoke con job again, and they always reminisce about the good ol’ days in camp but never ever under any circumstances is the issue of black plastic PVC pipes or herbicide-killed... more »»

SHAKA group, lawyer ignoring scientific studies

March 22, 2015 The SHAKA group and their lawyer continually say GMO operations are causing significant irreparable harm to the natural environment and human health, but never provide any real scientific studies to... more »»

Drivers have clean area at new MEO baseyard

March 22, 2015 I just wanted to thank Lyn McNeff and The Maui News, we are finally at the new MEO baseyard and now I can have my lunch and down time in a clean and healthy environment. more »»

Integrity being depleted like natural resources

March 22, 2015 Development is spreading like cancer on Maui. We can’t stop it? I ask you to take a look inside and ask yourself if what you are doing is righ. more »»



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