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Libertarian candidates supported for Legislature

October 10, 2014 Although I am a proud Republican, there are a couple of Libertarian candidates for the state Legislature whom I would like to endors. more »»

Questions raised on how ban would be enforced

October 9, 2014 If the genetically modified organism ban passes, who would enforce this moratorium? The U.S. more »»

Ban on farming would prove destructive for Maui

October 9, 2014 I am a tourist from California who comes to Maui every year for respite and to enjoy your lovely island. This is my 27th visit to Maui. more »»

Fear tactics being used in pro-GMO media blitz

October 9, 2014 My home garden includes nongenetically modified organism papayas, and if you have papayas in your backyard, the chances of you having GMO Rainbow papayas are slim to none. more »»

Different jobs require different qualifications

October 8, 2014 An Oct. 1 letter writer now wants to compare a clerk — indoors, air-conditioned, sitting down — to those dismissively called unskilled labor — outdoors, lifting 50-100 pounds, in the sun. more »»

Wording on GMO initiative is not confusing at all

October 8, 2014 Many confusing and misguided commercials are being aired and mailed daily in regard to the genetically modified organism moratorium ballot initiative that we will vote for in November. more »»

Mike White’s performance on council appreciated

October 8, 2014 Thank you to Mike White for lowering property tax rates by 9 percent to rising values; keeping government honest by ensuring that the administration follows the law just like every other resident;... more »»

Initiative would ensure that GMO crops are tested

October 8, 2014 I see letters here from genetically modified organism industry proponents praising the genetically engineered Rainbow papaya, while repeating the industry mantra that it saved the papaya industry. more »»

We have a right to know and choose what we eat

October 8, 2014 Please listen up, people. For a country that is supposed to have a top education system, we people do not do a very good job of researching. more »»

Guzman sets right example for council members

October 8, 2014 During a speech at a recent campaign event, Council Member Don Guzman said that “we have to work together because no one person has all the answer. more »»

Initiative is bad public policy

October 7, 2014 Called a moratorium, the initiative is really a farming ban. I have been farming on Maui for 40 years. more »»

Ads for candidates should answer basic questions

October 7, 2014 Instead of political ads telling us how great a candidate is, how about the ads answering basic questions: * Do you approve of a ferry system between the islands? * Do you believe Hawaii should have... more »»

A fresh beginning is needed in county politics

October 7, 2014 The time has come to divorce politics from the interests of the candidate’s donors. That would allow politicians to more frequently make their decisions rationally. more »»

GMO plants are not being controlled as claimed

October 7, 2014 Just a few thoughts on the genetically modified organism issue: I have received several slick mailers against the initiative. more »»

Effort to legalize polygamy, bigamy could be next

October 7, 2014 A Sept. 26 letter writer claims that “the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that marriage is a fundamental constitutional right” without, however, providing any supporting evidence. more »»

Statewide ballot question is related to universal preschool

October 6, 2014 A question for statewide vote in the November general election will affect Maui County 4-year-olds. more »»

Faaumu as MPD chief a win-win situation for Maui

October 6, 2014 Congrats to Tivoli Faaumu and thanks for those who have selected Tivoli to be Maui’s chief of police (The Maui News, Sept. 6). more »»

Council members thanked for doing seniors a favor

October 6, 2014 We need to thank Council Members Mike White, Don Guzman, Stacy Crivello, Gladys Baisa, Don Couch, Elle Cochran, Bob Carroll and Mike Victorino for holding the budget down and providing seniors with... more »»

Campaign urging a ‘no’ vote on GMOs is insulting

October 6, 2014 This “vote no on the Maui County farming ban” effort is not only based on exploiting the fears and ignorance of the issue throughout the community, it is downright insulting. more »»

Take a pause to make sure pro-GMO claims are true

October 5, 2014 When I first came to Maui in the 1980s, I often wondered what Monsanto was doing on that small patch of land it occupied as you came off the Mokulele Highway as you entered Kihei. more »»



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