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Planned Parenthood founder had another agenda

April 7, 2014 It was never about women’s rights, women’s right to choose or reproductive freedom. It was always about racism and eugenics with Margaret Sanger. more »»

Information sought on Ka‘ahumanu, Keopuolani

April 7, 2014 Perhaps someone can help me with some historical research. I am creating a book on Maui history, and have two women’s names to deal with: Ka‘ahumanu and Keopuolani. more »»

Stop the burning of sugar cane and coal by HC&S

April 7, 2014 We are saving the Earth. We are saving the planet for our children. This is what I hear anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) protesters saying. more »»

Just who is bankrolling these Maui activists?

April 7, 2014 Just read The Maui News about the Monsanto employees going to the county building (April 4). Good for them. I and many others know what they are going through. more »»

Maintenance of bikeways not what it needs to be

April 7, 2014 I wish to compliment the Department of Public Works for the announced future completion of the North Shore Greenway. more »»

Articles about county government appreciated

April 6, 2014 I would like to commend The Maui News for publishing articles by the Maui council members and the mayor on the activities they are engaged in. more »»

People who can’t speak English shouldn’t drive

April 6, 2014 I recently read about the Department of Justice agreeing that Hawaii does not offer enough languages on the driver’s license testing (The Maui News, March 29). more »»

Fire those who are abusing the taxpayers’ money

April 6, 2014 Why does the County Council keep putting up with these projects and developments that are not being completed? It shouldn’t be costing millions of dollars to build bathrooms or trim trees. more »»

Proposed sports complex is fraught with problems

April 6, 2014 This is a state-proposed plan to build a sports complex (not a park) right behind several residential neighborhoods (The Maui News, April 1). more »»

Growing of industrial hemp is feasible on Maui

April 6, 2014 I write in response to a Feb. 16 letter questioning our ability to grow industrial hemp on Maui. I want to bring to light some information that, perhaps, the letter writer was not privy to. more »»

Bill’s present form a setback for health care

April 5, 2014 Despite overwhelming testimonies from citizens calling for amendments of the hospital bill (SB 3064 SD2 HD1) to allow the regions affected to have more input in the process of selecting a partner, S... more »»

Oahu, Hawaii not the only islands with a Kailua

April 5, 2014 There was an Associated Press story in The Maui News on April 2 about Facebook confusing Kailua on Oahu and Kailua-Kona on the island of Hawaii. Maui also has a Kailu. more »»

Stop reckless opposition to Affordable Care Act

April 5, 2014 As a Democrat, I do not always agree with President Barack Obama, i.e. more »»

Consumer of GMOs seeks advice; no science needed

April 3, 2014 After Sunday’s demonstration (The Maui News, March 31), can someone please help me? I have been consuming genetically modified soybeans, tofu, corn oil, etc., for about 20 years. more »»

There’s a reason for location of bikeway fence

April 3, 2014 In response to a question raised in a March 31 letter: The land the bikeway was built on belongs to Alexander & Baldwi. more »»

Mayor Arakawa’s financial priorities are out of whack

April 3, 2014 So, the mayor is waiting to see about the hotel cap determined by the state rather than offsetting taxing homeowners by eliminating a gym in Kihei? Priorities seem to mean nothing to this... more »»

Inspirational speaker is one not to be missed

April 3, 2014 I recently had the privilege of hearing Nick Vujicic deliver the keynote address before 4,000 people attending the 2014 Hawaiian Island Ministries conference at the Hawaii Convention Center. more »»

Company needs to embrace GMO petition

April 2, 2014 Reading the March 31 article about the GMO initiative, there was a response by a Monsanto representative. more »»

Proud to be involved in push for GMO legislation

April 2, 2014 On March 30, I took part in the parade and rally to close and celebrate the first phase of gathering 8,500 signatures for a proposed legislation destined for the ballot in the November Maui County... more »»

Use organization’s full name, not just initials

April 1, 2014 We can all be grateful to a March 29 letter writer for alerting us to what has become a common journalistic mistake: Turning the name of an organization into initials before, or instead of, giving... more »»



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