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Tax out-of-state residents who purchase real estate

December 10, 2015 Regions of Maui are becoming like Palm Springs, Calif. — empty enclaves of homes for much of the year catering to elite Mainlanders and foreign owners. more »»

Toxic dust from fields saturated with pesticides

December 9, 2015 Local doctors or scientists don’t tell you that all smoke is harmful, or that all dust is harmful. more »»

Doubling number of voters would improve government

December 9, 2015 Opting for a city manager may be a step in the right direction, but it will not result in a substantial improvement in Maui County governance. more »»

War Department allowed nisei to serve in WWII

December 9, 2015 The statement that the U.S. Congress passed legislation that allowed Americans of Japanese Ancestry to volunteer to serve in the United States Army (Letters, Dec. 1) is incorrect. more »»

Local Catholic schools should reconsider football

December 9, 2015 Supporting a football program in Catholic high schools can easily become irresponsible and damaging. more »»

End the anger; seek faith, truth and righteousness

December 8, 2015 Our State of Hawaii, the County of Maui, and all administrative counties, as people of aloha, must honor 2 Chronicles 7:14, in haste to save our beloved aina, our land and all people. more »»

Ban-the-burn people are shortsighted, love attention

December 8, 2015 One has to ask if the ban-the-burn people are being paid by Monsanto and other chemical companies eager to put HC&S out of business so they can take over their lands for GMO and pesticide... more »»

Hawaii should help its own homeless community

December 8, 2015 I am a Boy Scout from Troop 49 from St. Anthony Wailuku. I, as a local youth, would like to share my opinion of Gov. David Ige letting Syrian refugees into the state of Hawaii. more »»

Monsanto will continue to prosper; not crash and burn

December 6, 2015 The writer of the Nov. 29 letter about Monsanto “crashing and burning” reminded me of a friend who, during the financial crisis of 2008-09, stated that General Electric was going bankrupt. more »»

Tell the VA Mauians are not the enemy

December 6, 2015 Will you please inform the people from the Veterans Affairs that we Mauians are not the enemy. more »»

U.S. has a responsibility to save Syrian refugees

December 6, 2015 America has a responsibility to save the Syrian refugees. America began this horrible exodus with the bombing of Iraq. more »»

Provide incentive for rainwater catchment

December 6, 2015 Our county and state government should incentivize homeowners to invest in rainwater catchment systems and rain gutters. more »»

We don’t need Bernie or any other socialists

December 6, 2015 If the U.S. is really broken, according to the letter of Nov. 22, then why don’t more U.S. more »»

HC&S using the big lie technique

December 4, 2015 The writer of a Nov. 27 Viewpoint is the executive director of an organization closely associated with the sugar cane industry. In fact, Rick Volner, manager of Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. more »»

More Hawaiian culture needed in Maui resorts

December 4, 2015 Mainland-grown general managers that bring their corporate thinking to Maui’s resorts suc. more »»

Citizens will contribute unique gifts in Mauitopia

December 4, 2015 Why don’t electronics last forever? Appliances, computers and cars, all fail in time. more »»

Protecting major farm supports quality of life here

December 4, 2015 I stand behind HC&S, and I can live with cane burning. I like the green open spaces of cane fields; the vista is easy on the eyes. more »»

‘Squatters’ need to be interned and relocated

December 3, 2015 I do not like the word “homeless.” Many live in tents or cardboard boxes. To those without a home, this is their home. I prefer the word “squatters. more »»

Research center an agent of sugar cane industry

December 3, 2015 The Maui News published a Viewpoint on Nov. more »»



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