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Writer won’t be dissuaded from vision for Mauitopia

October 6, 2015 It takes courage to believe in, and manifest, one’s dream. I have written repeatedly about attempting to create the ideal society, or Mauitopia. more »»

‘Stop Cane Burning’ not a force for the common good

October 6, 2015 I was glad to see Mark Vaught’s Sept. 15 Viewpoin. more »»

It’s illegal to make harassing phone calls

October 6, 2015 My name appeared prominently in a story on the front page of The Maui News Sept. 30. I got a phone call from a supporter of cane burning, presumably because of this news story. more »»

Kaiser Permanente’s vision for Maui welcomes everyone

October 4, 2015 Kaiser Permanente is grateful and honored to have the opportunity to manage operations at three important community hospitals in Maui County, including Maui Memorial Medical Center. more »»

Climate change standoff grows

October 4, 2015 Climate denier is the extremist’s term for marginalizing anyone who knows that there is not a consensus by all qualified scientists on the purposeful misleading information about the extent, the... more »»

Dubious caution over supermoon, eclipse

October 4, 2015 Brady McCombs of The Associated Press (The Maui News, Sept. 26) wrote about a rare confluence of a supermoon and a lunar eclipse. more »»

Mammographer found lump during self-exam

October 4, 2015 October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we would like to share our mom’s story. Our mom, Josefina Wallace, has been a “mammographer” (the one that takes the picture of the breast) for 15 years. more »»

Writer fed up with the complaining

October 4, 2015 I agree with the Sept. 29 letter writer about complainers. I’m fed up with people complaining, not just about cane burning, but chicken fighting and people who choose alternative lifestyles. more »»

Unchecked grazing was cause of dust

October 4, 2015 A Sept. 25 letter quoting an 1872 European’s view of the central valley as being dusty and sandy did not mention that the cause of this was cattl. more »»

Why are trees in front of the guardrails?

October 4, 2015 I was wondering why on Maui Lani Parkway there are trees in the front of the guardrails. I thought the guardrails were to protect any hazards. more »»

Government-subsidized airbus needed

October 4, 2015 I would like to propose our state government begin an airbus between all our major islands for state residents at a round-trip airfare not over $100. more »»

Maui’s future is being created now

October 2, 2015 Maui is at an important crossroad. Major decisions are being made that will affect every resident and shape our beloved island’s communities and environment. more »»

Longtime Kaiser patients are pleased with service

October 2, 2015 My husband and I have been Kaiser members for over 40 years, first here, then in Northern California for 12 years. We chose to remain members when we moved back in 198. more »»

Elect those who care about working class, not rich

October 2, 2015 To all Maui people: We better open our eyes before it’s too late. All politicians care about is the rich and who can donate lots of money to their campaign. more »»

When did marriage concept with man, woman begin?

October 2, 2015 A very respectable Christian lady was upset that a Christian county clerk was sent to jail for refusing to obey the law, to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. more »»

October highlights domestic violence

October 1, 2015 Each year in Maui County there are nearly 5,000 reported cases of domestic violence and related crimes to the Maui Police Department. Over 700 restraining orders are filed. more »»

All about ‘Benjamins,’ less about health care

October 1, 2015 Should be Kaiser and HMSA health insurance dueling. Hopefully, collaborative medical care can be achieved. more »»

‘Pay for Play’ article in Maui News well done

October 1, 2015 Compliments to City Editor Brian Perry for the article on the mayor’s Kokua Fund (“Pay for Play,” Sept. 27). It needed to be aired. more »»

Drilling across Haliimaile Gulch needs to be curtailed

September 30, 2015 Where has our peaceful village gone! For months now they have been drilling for water across of Haliimaile Gulch so that they can build hundreds of homes. more »»

Article in Atlantic magazine explains what ISIS wants

September 30, 2015 The Republican candidates talk a lot about Muslims but do not seem to understand that not all Muslims are the same. more »»



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