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Consider political spectrum when choosing our leaders

February 19, 2015 Today, we view the political spectrum as liberalism on the left and conservatism on the right, with the extremes being communism on the left and fascism on the right. more »»

Movie theaters not close to being OK

February 19, 2015 I agree with the comments of a Feb. 15 letter writer. Our movie theaters are not close to being OK. They are all in need of cleaning and upgrading, an embarrassment to say the very leas. more »»

Meritorious may describe road to Hana

February 19, 2015 In the Feb. 16 article “Haiku man launches . . . book of photos . . . ,” the road to Hana might be meritorious, but it’s not “meretorious. more »»

Writer agrees with letter about Obama

February 19, 2015 This is in response to the writer on Feb. 15 who wrote: “Obama’s defenders fail to see who he really is.” I wish I had written that “letter,” it was so right on. more »»

Reader looks forward to Pulliam’s articles

February 18, 2015 Michael Pulliam’s article on “Seeing red in ‘The Crucible,’ ” (Maui Scene, Feb. 12) is an excellent example of the narrative history surrounding the play by Arthur Miller. more »»

Experiment would show how thought is an energy

February 18, 2015 An interesting experiment would include the following: Schoolchildren would be shown parts of films in different languages, without English subtitles. more »»

Calling ‘People Who Made A Difference’

February 18, 2015 Maui County Managing Director Keith Reagan has invited all of the past honorees of The Maui News’ annual “People Who Made a Difference” feature to the mayor’s lounge at 4 p.m. more »»

Statement on stream flow is without merit

February 18, 2015 The statement by Wailuku Water Co. President Avery Chumbley (The Maui News, Feb. 14) that high water volume in Hawaiian streams is undesirable for native species is completely without merit. more »»

Fox is not the only newscast to believe

February 18, 2015 I find it interesting that the right is all over Brian Williams for his lies and saying the only news outlet to believe is Fox. more »»

Students, teachers will need patience during test transition

February 17, 2015 I learned math by memorizing formulas and multiplication tables in isolation. In today’s math class, this type of practice would be considered outdated. more »»

‘Walkable-bikeable’ town focus of KCA meeting

February 17, 2015 For decades, the South Maui community has advocated for a safe “walkable-bikeable” area transition from a motor vehicle centric one, but only achieved manini results, but we continue to persevere. more »»

‘Right to Farm Bill’ would take away ‘home rule’

February 17, 2015 The reappointment of Maui County attorney Patrick Wong seemed to cause a stir at the county building on Feb. 6. The day started with a semi-protest/sign waving in the morning. more »»

Public-private partnership legislation critical to Maui Memorial’s future

February 15, 2015 Our hospital is in critical condition. According to The Maui News (Ja. more »»

Hawaii will benefit from a company like NextEra

February 15, 2015 I look forward to hearing more about the Maui Energy Conference in March. more »»

Obama’s defenders fail to see who he really is

February 15, 2015 Well, it seems that a letter writer on Feb. 8 hit a nerve with the still-clinging-onto-nothing leftists that refuse to see who Barack Obama truly is. Three letters on Feb. more »»

Investigation of Planning Department called for

February 15, 2015 The Maui Island Plan is law. That law has been broken regarding the Wailuku-Kahului Community Plan. more »»

Have love for one another

February 15, 2015 Seek me with all your heart and you will find me! As we abide in faith, hope, and love, the greatest of these is love, known as charity. more »»

Update Maui movie theaters

February 15, 2015 I think it’s time the people on Maui who enjoy going to the movies deserve theaters that are in better condition than what is offered to us. more »»

Na Hoaloha recognized for award-winning service

February 13, 2015 I want to congratulate one of our wonderful nonprofit agencies on Maui. more »»

Visitors find Big Beach porta-potties unattended

February 13, 2015 This is the second year in a row that we have found the porta-potties at Makena State Park unattende. more »»



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