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Article in Atlantic magazine explains what ISIS wants

September 30, 2015 The Republican candidates talk a lot about Muslims but do not seem to understand that not all Muslims are the same. more »»

Open up parking that was at Baldwin Beach Park

September 30, 2015 One of Maui’s most favorite beaches, Baldwin Beach Park, has been special for families for many generations. more »»

Candidate appears to have conflicting views on religion

September 30, 2015 Dr. Ben Carson says a Muslim should not be able to be president because they may hold their faith above our Constitution. Yet he supports Kim Davis the Kentucky clerk for doing just that. more »»

Complainers decided to live where the smoke is

September 29, 2015 Did you know that there is less sugar cane production now than before? There were more sugar mills, now there is only one. There are more complainers now than before. more »»

Approval of rental for celebrity is beyond belief

September 29, 2015 I read with disbelief that the Maui Planning Commission had approved a special use permit to essentially allow Helen Hunt to use her luxury vacation home as a short-term rental in order to supplemen... more »»

People should accept cane burning or leave

September 29, 2015 After reading yet another letter about the cane burning here on the beautiful island of Maui, I just had to have my input, an outsider who enjoys coming to Maui for a month every year from the... more »»

Common sense lacking in actions of elected officials

September 29, 2015 I read two articles in this paper lately that have me believing that when a person is elected to any county or state (one could add in federal) office the first act that is performed is to have said... more »»

Even HC&S admits it will farm after sugar

September 27, 2015 On Aug. 28, Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. General Manager Rick Volner told Hawaii Public Radio, “We’re always looking at what could be the next best crop that we can grow. . . . more »»

Study: Farming plays large role in smog, soot deaths

September 27, 2015 In case you didn’t read the small article in the Sept. 17 edition of The Maui News titled “Study: Air pollution kills 3.3 million,” here’s what it goes on to sa. more »»

Money for portrait would be better spent on schools

September 27, 2015 I think it’s outrageous to use $40,000 of public money for a portrait of a one-term governor (The Maui News, Sept. more »»

GOP needs new mascot to better match its mood

September 27, 2015 Watching the GOP presidential contest and the rise of The Donald, it comes to mind that the Grand Old Party could use a new mascot that better matches its current mood. more »»

Climate deniers meet criteria for prosecution

September 25, 2015 The Federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) was originally passed to be used against organized crime organizations. more »»

Occasional cane burning preferable to 1872 scene

September 25, 2015 In 1872, Isabella Bird described the Central Valley before sugar can. more »»

HC&S harvest conducted in highly ethical manner

September 25, 2015 As a father and husband living in Kihei, I am in full support of the cane burning and harvesting activities of HC&S. more »»

Motorcyclists should become organ donors

September 25, 2015 In response to your Sep. more »»

Kenolio apartments proposal raises concerns

September 25, 2015 Kenolio apartment complex comments: While I agree that we need more affordable housing in Maui, I hope that the planners are not cutting corners when it comes to planning for runoff, noise and... more »»

Homelessness a growing problem on Valley Isle

September 24, 2015 I live in the Kihei area and I am saddened to see all the homeless people, one of which is an acquaintance of mine. I brought food to many for quite a while. more »»

Congress makes poor decisions for veterans

September 24, 2015 I just can’t believe Congress. They cannot even take care of our veterans, they let Americans struggle, and I mean struggle just to make a living. more »»

Game of aggression should not be associated with DOE

September 24, 2015 Knowingly and intentionally placing a child in harm’s way is a crime. more »»

Misspelling of sergeant in obituaries is disrespectful

September 24, 2015 I noticed lately on your obituaries when a former service member dies you refer the rank as “sargent.” The proper spelling is “sergean. more »»



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