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Keep development away from wetlands

August 28, 2014 Please stop the medical plaza and save Kanaha wetlands. more »»

Strange island election policies breed confusion

August 27, 2014 In a perfect world (or even in Honolulu), Alan Arakawa, Bob Carroll and Don Couch would not have to run again in the 2014 November election as they ran away with the Aug. more »»

Valuable assistance for migrants offered on Maui

August 27, 2014 With all the attention given to illegal immigrants coming across the border from Mexico and South America, little attention is paid to those coming in from countries in Asia who go through the long,... more »»

Changes need to be made in rubbish pickup system

August 27, 2014 Recently there was an article (The Maui News, Aug. 14) about our garbage pickup schedule about no holiday pickup and no rescheduling of pickup for that pickup day. This is not a free servic. more »»

‘Bizzaro’ world created by entrenched politicians

August 27, 2014 Sadly, few residents of Maui County vote or participate in the political system. Incumbents would have you believe most people are fine and supportive of the current situatio. more »»

Primary numbers offer a skewed political picture

August 26, 2014 The media has really been misleading the public by broadcasting skewed numbers that make Democratic candidates appear to be way ahead when, in fact, they are no. more »»

Right to untainted food supply can’t be patented

August 26, 2014 The Aug. 23 Viewpoint is biased and should not be considered to influence your vote. People in the biology/genetics field of work stand to profit from biotech patents. more »»

Mike White is the kind of political leader needed

August 26, 2014 What is happening to politics in the Aloha State? I am very concerned with the twists and turns that the primary election took this year, and I am worried that it may be indicating a change of... more »»

Workforce housing law has proven to be a failure

August 25, 2014 I wholeheartedly agree that Maui County’s workforce housing law is hurting home development (Viewpoint, Aug. 18). It is impossible to find housing that local families can afford. more »»

Corruption obvious in way election was conducted

August 25, 2014 State Sen. Russell Ruderman planned to file a complaint against the Hawaii Election Commission questioning the election, but then changed his mind (The Maui News, Aug. 20). more »»

Reduced landfill hours, trash pickups unfortunate

August 24, 2014 I recall years ago when our landfill was open on weekends. This allowed for lots of yard and house cleaning on Saturday and Sunday with enough time to make several trips to the landfil. more »»

Public relations needs to be a priority for MPD

August 24, 2014 It is heartening to read about the applicants for chief of police in The Maui News (Aug. 18). The comments about public relations is very encouraging. more »»

Votes should be cast for morality, not for party

August 24, 2014 Please check the voting records of the existing people who are trying to get re-elected. more »»

Congress to blame for issue with corporate taxes

August 24, 2014 The Detroit News guest editorial (Aug. 21) regarding Walgreens and the 35 percent corporate income tax rate seems like a bit of sensationalism. It fails to present a complete pictur. more »»

Good reason to be proud of Maui Police Department

August 24, 2014 Congratulations to the Maui Police Department for the renewal of its accreditation (The Maui News, Aug. 18). more »»

Evidence is abundant on the safety of GM crops

August 23, 2014 An Aug. 12 Viewpoint asserted that questions about the safety of genetically modified crops are valid. Of course they are, as we all want our food to be safe. more »»

Mandatory jury service violates the Constitution

August 23, 2014 Steven Capobianco of Lahaina was arraigned July 15 for the second-degree murder of Carly “Charli” Scott. Mr. Capobianco’s trial is set to start Oct. 6. more »»

Links suggested that provide clarity on Israel

August 23, 2014 After reading many articles in The Maui News, online and letters in this paper, it is time for some serious clarity. more »»

Filter a good tool to sort out scientific claims

August 23, 2014 The other day, a friend on Facebook recommended a link to an article about genetically modified organisms. The article referenced a journal with a science-y name. more »»

Iao Valley attendant ambassador of aloha

August 23, 2014 Recently, when I visited Iao Valley with my two grandsons, the parking attendant was so pleasant and friendly. I was pleased to see his photo in the Aug. 18 Maui News. more »»



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