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Gas prices dropping elsewhere, but not on Maui

November 15, 2014 Maui gas station owners: Stop ripping Maui off with gas prices. The price of gas keeps dropping and Maui prices don’t. Thank God Costco doesn’t rip us off. more »»

Enough is enough; remove those political signs

November 15, 2014 Enough already — hey, you losers, pick up your political signs so they stop cluttering the landscape. We’ve seen them long enough. more »»

Mike White not such a straight arrow after all

November 15, 2014 Mike White has attracted support based on the perception of his being a man of principle — a straight arro. more »»

To chemical companies: Hawaii not like Mainland

November 14, 2014 It’s time for the chemical companies to open their eyes. They must realize Hawaii is not like the Mainland. Hawaiians still feel responsible for what happens on these islands. more »»

Fundraiser to celebrate silence was anything but

November 14, 2014 Nov. 9’s program at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center was a fundraiser for a worthy cause, Mental Health Kokua. more »»

Smart meters on agenda for next KCA meeting

November 14, 2014 Has anyone on Maui ever attended a public meeting discussing electric smart meters? I have never heard of one, even though a pilot project of their home use just concluded in Maui Meadows and their... more »»

Election is over, now it’s time for signs to go

November 14, 2014 It’s nice to hear the politicians say “thank you for your vote,” and it would be even nicer if they showed their appreciation by taking down all their signs now that the election is over. more »»

Maui continues to suffer ill treatment by state

November 13, 2014 Why did we expect anything else? Making hollow promises, dragging feet and pulling the old bait-and-switch maneuver are the signature moves of our state Legislature and Department of Educatio. more »»

Won’t be joining the witch hunt against Monsanto

November 13, 2014 Less than 48 hours after the election results were official, the anti-Arakawa letters came pouring into The Maui News along with the call for everyone to get in lock step with the majority concernin... more »»

Is county taking steps to enforce GMO moratorium?

November 13, 2014 With passage of the genetically modified organism moratorium, I think many are wondering what will happen next. more »»

New tax is needed to fund the costs of GMO law

November 12, 2014 The people have spoken and they have decided that this new initiative shall become law of the lan. more »»

Record says it all; Norm Chow era needs to end

November 12, 2014 Regarding University of Hawaii football: With all due respect, the Norm Chow era needs to be over. Record: 6-28 in 3 years. Enough said. more »»

Wisdom of the community evident in vote on GMOs

November 12, 2014 I’m so proud of the wisdom of our community for voting for the temporary moratorium on genetically modified organism. more »»

Without veterans, freedom would not be possible

November 11, 2014 Thank you, veterans. You have my heartfelt thanks for so bravely serving our nation. I will never forget your sacrifices, because our freedom would never be possible without you. Thank you. more »»

Courts will now decide fate of Maui’s GMO farms

November 11, 2014 I voted “no” on the farm ban. The anti-genetically modified organism initiative barely passed. I also voted for Mayor Alan Arakawa and most of the County Council members electe. more »»

SHAKA, not county, should pay to defend ordinance

November 11, 2014 Maui taxpayers should not shoulder the legal cost to defend the genetically modified organism ordinance. Monsanto will ask a court to declare the GMO ordinance invalid. more »»

Division existed here long before the GMO issue

November 11, 2014 I have heard a number of people reflect on the division in the community that the genetically modified organism initiative has created. more »»

Maui has ‘perfect storm conditions’ for continued measles outbreaks

November 10, 2014 An ongoing rubeola measles epidemic is occurring in the Philippines, with 47,000 cases reported since January. This places Hawaii at high risk for outbreaks of measles. more »»

Comments evidence loss a good thing

November 10, 2014 Ka‘ala Buenconsejo’s sanctimonious and arrogant comments regarding Elle Cochran after his defeat by her reveal what kind of person we narrowly escaped from having on our council. more »»

Biotech companies are harmful to tourism industry

November 10, 2014 As an advocate for local economy, local farmers and local jobs, I have been seeing the negative economic impacts of foreign biotech companies on our fragile economy. more »»



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