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County would benefit with a council-manager

August 4, 2015 As a former member of Maui County’s Cost of Government Commission and a 13-year resident of Kihei, I strongly support passage of a charter amendment to convert Maui County government to the... more »»

Hawaiians and Indians struggle with government

August 4, 2015 I was born and raised on Maui and I am outraged! On Facebook, it was brought to my attention that the National Park Service is requiring permits for indigenous people to gather ceremonial plants in... more »»

Has HC&S considered growing marijuana?

August 4, 2015 If I understand the proposed new medical marijuana dispensary rules for Hawaii correctly, each licensed dispensary needs to grow its own product. more »»

Brouhaha tepid from historical perspective

August 4, 2015 American political campaigns since Adams and Jefferson’s time have been rough and nasty so it’s interesting to watch the reaction of the media ranging from raised eyebrows to incredulity as it... more »»

Victorino has the chance to earn third title ring

August 4, 2015 Attention all L.A. Angels fans: How could things be better? Our boy, Shane Victorino, is now an Angel and has the chance to win his third World Series ring. more »»

Quote about Jesus taken out of context

August 2, 2015 A letter in the July 24 Maui News, being critical of opponents to the nuclear treaty with Iran (a country that has vowed death to our country), asked if they ever considered “What would Jesus do?”... more »»

Opinion page cartoon was misinformed

August 2, 2015 The cartoon and article printed in the July 24 Opinion section of The Maui News was grossly misinformed. more »»

Alternative to cane may be far worse

August 2, 2015 I would like to see cane burning be switched to non-burn harvesting. more »»

Jesus would react as Israelis do today

August 2, 2015 I notice that a reader invokes Jesus, no less, in support of the Iran “deal” (Letters, July 24. more »»

Shared experiences can open possibilities

August 2, 2015 Wouldn’t it be nice if President John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corps had grown into an international Peace Corps? Imagine every country in the United Nations requiring a Peace Corps program modeled on ours. more »»

Research debunks myths about WWII

August 2, 2015 As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, we face a deluge of misstatements and myths about certain elements of it, particularly its Pacific theater. more »»

‘A dangerous rush to connect’ indeed!

August 2, 2015 I wholeheartedly agreed with The Maui News editorial of July 24 titled “A dangerous rush to connect” about the dangers of connecting everything to the Internet. more »»

Cane ash litters county pool

August 2, 2015 I went swimming at a county pool in Kahului recently. I noticed that cane ash covered the entire bottom of the pool, and pieces of ash were drifting at various depth. more »»

Open the Kahului Airport access road; why delay?

July 31, 2015 Now that the airport access road from Pakaula (Harley Davidson on Dairy Road) to Hana Highway has been completed for over a month, why is it not open for us to use? The stoplights are up on both end... more »»

Change the law instead of alleging ‘closed door’ deals

July 31, 2015 After reading the July 21 Viewpoint in The Maui News, I am attempting to understand the writer’s allegations of a federal judge making “deals” behind closed doors and the federal government... more »»

Commitment to ‘hopes and dreams’ is utopian fantasy

July 31, 2015 The July 22 Maui News headlines our governor opposes the NextEra merger and he plans to ask the Public Utilities Commision to disapprove it because it does not concur with his “hopes and dreams. more »»

Why not create our own, unique flag?

July 30, 2015 I have to disagree in part with a July 19 letter. Historically the writer is wrong, the Union Jack has nothing to do with religion. We did not fight the British over religion. In addition, when the U. more »»

Cow on Oahu did not have to be shot

July 30, 2015 Why in the world would the Honolulu Police Department shoot a poor little cow? You need to know that you could have taken a rope to rally it up. more »»

There should be no ‘Gun Free Zones’

July 30, 2015 Once again a clueless and irresponsible Associated Press opinion lands on the front page of the July 18 Maui News titled, “How did gunman go from ordinary teen to killer?” Why are oblivious liberal... more »»

17th Amendment changed how senators were chosen

July 30, 2015 The recent discussions of utilizing a county manager rather than a mayor elected by the public at large brings to mind the history of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. more »»



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