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MVRA working to improve short-term rental permit process

August 31, 2014 The Maui Vacation Rental Association acknowledges that there has been a proliferation of unpermitted short-term rental use of single-family homes and cottages throughout Maui. more »»

Money goes elsewhere when tax rates are raised

August 31, 2014 An Aug. 24 letter writer who advocated higher corporate tax rates is uninformed. Each time tax rates have been reduced the amount of money to the treasury has increased. more »»

Editorial had the math wrong on school absences

August 31, 2014 The Maui News owes Kula Elementary an apology for the Aug. 28 editoria. more »»

Voters need to make Hawaii righteous state again

August 31, 2014 Hawaii is the worst state for voter turnout. It is past due for the thinking people of Hawaii to change this horrible statistic. more »»

Fall Read Aloud Program on Maui postponed due to lack of funding

August 30, 2014 We are disappointed to announce that Read Aloud America’s Read Aloud Program scheduled to begin at Puu Kukui Elementary School in September has been postponed due to a lack of funding. more »»

Health of people is more important than economics

August 30, 2014 I favor the placing of a moratorium on genetically modified organism practices until a private study can be preformed. Both the GMO companies and government failed us in Aniston, Ga. more »»

Show of respect for pilot is an example to follow

August 30, 2014 The front-page pictures and captions of retiring United Airlines Capt. Bob Johnson (Aug. 27) were very heartwarming. more »»

Are teachers supposed to keep playing when cards are stacked against them?

August 29, 2014 Most players quit a game when they realize the cards are stacked against them. more »»

Abandoned house is not a home to feral cat colony

August 29, 2014 I wanted to make a correction. In the Aug. 21 front-page story on the abandoned house on Waipahe Street in Kihei, I was misquote. more »»

Mike White’s watchdog role is needed on council

August 29, 2014 Three community organizations have endorsed an opponent of Council Member Mike White. more »»

Engaging with Cuba is in best interests of U.S.

August 29, 2014 Ninety miles off the Florida coast could be the biggest boon or biggest nightmare for the U.S. and its foreign policy. more »»

MIL football coaches need to emphasize clean play

August 29, 2014 With the start of the Maui Interscholastic League football season it is my hope that the coaches of all the Maui high schools make an effort to instruct their players the importance of playing the... more »»

Maui Police Department is far from world class

August 28, 2014 In an Aug. 24 letter to The Maui News, a reader closed with: “The people of Maui County are proud of our world-class police department.” I beg to diffe. more »»

Age is not a major factor for driving or drinking

August 28, 2014 Why do legislators think that age is a major factor when it comes to driving or drinking? People can act stupid at any age. more »»

Keep development away from wetlands

August 28, 2014 Please stop the medical plaza and save Kanaha wetlands. more »»

Strange island election policies breed confusion

August 27, 2014 In a perfect world (or even in Honolulu), Alan Arakawa, Bob Carroll and Don Couch would not have to run again in the 2014 November election as they ran away with the Aug. more »»

Valuable assistance for migrants offered on Maui

August 27, 2014 With all the attention given to illegal immigrants coming across the border from Mexico and South America, little attention is paid to those coming in from countries in Asia who go through the long,... more »»

Changes need to be made in rubbish pickup system

August 27, 2014 Recently there was an article (The Maui News, Aug. 14) about our garbage pickup schedule about no holiday pickup and no rescheduling of pickup for that pickup day. This is not a free servic. more »»

‘Bizzaro’ world created by entrenched politicians

August 27, 2014 Sadly, few residents of Maui County vote or participate in the political system. Incumbents would have you believe most people are fine and supportive of the current situatio. more »»

Primary numbers offer a skewed political picture

August 26, 2014 The media has really been misleading the public by broadcasting skewed numbers that make Democratic candidates appear to be way ahead when, in fact, they are no. more »»



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