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Initiative would criminalize backyard gardening

September 29, 2014 The ballot initiative to ban genetically engineered crops would make criminals out of backyard gardeners. In 2002, papayas with ringspot virus disease were found throughout Maui (hdoa.hawaii. more »»

Money drives development and politicians

September 29, 2014 Development. What do you think drives the engine of this machine that is sweeping our island? Money, of course. Why do our politicians look the other way and approve so much? Money. more »»

Demeanor toward zero waste questioned

September 29, 2014 I had the pleasure of being invited to a Maui County Council panel discussing how the zero waste philosophy might fit into Maui’s General Plan and a proposed resolution by Council Member Mike... more »»

Body cameras should not be a priority for MPD

September 29, 2014 Regarding “Police body cameras for MPD would benefit many” (Letters, Sep. more »»

Housing shortage should concern tourism industry

September 29, 2014 A USA Today article on Sept. 13 states that Hawaii is the most expensive place to live in the United States. In Hawaii, homes cost twice as much as the average cost in the United States. more »»

Keep the GMOs and ban the cane burning instead

September 29, 2014 To all the science deniers out there I ask: Where will you turn when we have mass crop failures, droughts and mass starvation? You who stopped high-tech farming in favor of old-school methods becaus... more »»

Improve the voter turnout and choose Republicans

September 28, 2014 Are the people of Hawaii going to stay asleep, or will we get out and vote for a change in our state? It is a very sad fact that Hawaii has the smallest voter turnout in all the states. more »»

Vote for Paltin to come to the rescue for Maui

September 28, 2014 Mahalo nui loa to the 674 brave souls who broke rank with the money-centered politics as usual crowd. They cast their vote for me in my self-funded campaign for mayor in August’s primary election. more »»

GMO foes ignoring possible dire economic effects

September 28, 2014 It’s an election year, and all those opposed against Monsanto and its genetically modified organisms grown in the islands want it gone and out of the Hawaiian Islands. I’m not for or against GMOs. more »»

Don’t sacrifice the islands for giant experiment

September 28, 2014 My first visit to Maui from Seattle was 25 years ago. I knew I had found heaven on Earth and began my journey to make Maui my home someday. To that end, I saved for 12 years. more »»

Haiku mowing applauded; others problems persist

September 28, 2014 I am pleased to report that the vegetation along Haiku Road and Pauwela Road has been dealt with. The Department of Public Works did a terrific job mowin. more »»

Kaanapali deaths show a need for lifeguard tower

September 28, 2014 I am writing in regard to the recent (The Maui News, Sept. 23) and seemingly regular occurrence of deaths in the ocean off of Black Rock. We cannot, in good conscience, let this continue to happen. more »»

Lawyer’s statement meant for victim

September 27, 2014 “Young people are quite resilient, and I am confident that the girl will go on and have a successful life” (The Maui News, Sept. 6) is a statement I made and I stand by it. more »»

Don’t stop at noses; some mouths need to muffled

September 27, 2014 Using pork to stop nosebleed nets an Ig Nobel Prize (The Maui News, Sept 19). Now, if we can only come up with a method of stopping the hot air emanating from the mouths of those in Congress. David L. more »»

Don’t trust company that won’t label its products

September 27, 2014 Much has been said about Monsanto, but I feel we need to say much more. The problem lies with us. more »»

Missed trash pickups prove problem still exists

September 27, 2014 For the seventh time in the last 12 months my trash can has not been emptied on the scheduled date. This time the excuse was something about manpower shortage. more »»

Pause needed to conduct tests on impacts of GMOs

September 27, 2014 The initiative on the November ballot is a moratorium (temporary halt) on genetically modified or engineered organisms (GMO) to allow for environmental and health impact assessments. more »»

PACT working to end domestic violence

September 26, 2014 How far have we come in understanding domestic violence? The country is reeling from the release of the video showing the violence Ray Rice inflicted on his then-fiancee. more »»

GMOs have been thoroughly tested, approved

September 26, 2014 Maui’s SHAKA Movement, which wants to ban genetically modified organisms and pesticides until they are proved safe, is in direct opposition to one of our most basic human rights in America, which... more »»

Constitution a framework for rights, not a list

September 26, 2014 A Sept. 16 letter writer states that nowhere in the U.S. more »»



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