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GEMS: Gets everyone’s money swiftly

December 23, 2015 This week we will be talking about GEMS, which stands for Green Energy Market Securitization. It’s a program that was adopted by our state government in Act 211 of 201. more »»

Why is island hopping so expensive?

December 22, 2015 Have you ever wondered why island hopping is so expensive? About $15. more »»

Ask The Mayor

December 21, 2015 Q: Do you know what is happening with the police department’s body cameras? Is it going forward or not? If it is, I have a suggestion, don’t just assign these cameras randomly, give them to any... more »»

Improvements suggested for Maui Bus

December 20, 2015 Voters approved the creation of a county Department of Transportation in 2002 to “facilitate the rapid, safe, and economical movement of people and goods in Maui County. more »»

The State of Aloha

December 18, 2015 Saturday marks the anniversary of the one of the greatest Christmas stories of all time. And it has nothing to do with a manger, a bright star, three kings and the Immaculate Conception. more »»

Maui Nei

December 17, 2015 The scene prompted a curiosity. There were four or five individuals sitting in the midday shade of a street-side tree next to a drainage canal. The concrete canal had a history of more than 100 years. more »»

Sharing Mana‘o

December 16, 2015 Today is National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day. That means it is your civic duty to consume the chocolate-covered treat of your choice. Or go forth and cover something, anything, with chocolate. more »»

IRS provides early Christmas gift to Heald College students

December 16, 2015 On April 27 of this year, Heald College, a 150-year-old institution with a campus in Hawaii, abruptly shut dow. more »»

Ask The Mayor

December 14, 2015 Q: What is being done about the junkyard/chop shop on Waiale Road across the street from Maui Memorial Park? The area is a mess on both sides of Waiale Road. more »»

Counties need TAT money to pay for visitor needs

December 13, 2015 Council members from all four Hawaii counties convened at Honolulu City Hall last week, under the auspices of the Hawaii State Association of Counties, to strategize for the state legislative sessio... more »»

Neighbors: A giving heart

December 11, 2015 It all started with a pact. In the early 1980s, Jim Worley and his wife, Kathy, were making their mark in Maui’s real estate market. more »»

Maui Nei

December 10, 2015 The latest change in Old Haleakala Highway summoned up thoughts about the past. For decades, the highway was one of two ways up the mountain. more »»

Sharing Mana‘o

December 9, 2015 Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, began at sunset Sunday. more »»

Use it or lose it: Failing to spend federal grants jeopardizes them

December 9, 2015 The holiday season is upon us, but our topic today is not about spending for presents. We are going to talk about government spending — too little spending. more »»

Ask The Mayor

December 7, 2015 Q: I read that Hawaii passed a law repealing the state requirement for ethanol in our gasoline this summer but haven’t heard or seen anything more about it at the pump. more »»

Council proposes 2016 legislative package to the state Legislature

December 6, 2015 The 2016 Maui County Legislative Package, composed of four state bills, will be formally presented to Speaker of the House Joe Souki of Maui and Senate President Ron Kouchi of Kauai next month. more »»

The State of Aloha

December 4, 2015 Driving under the influence is a crime in every state of the union. And for good reason. Drunken driving can lead to horrifying car accidents, injuries and death. more »»

Maui Nei

December 3, 2015 It’s that time of year again — time to figure out what kind of Christmas gifts to get for family and friends. more »»

Key legislation affecting our future

December 3, 2015 There are several measures currently being considered by the Maui County Council that will have big impacts on Maui’s future, including PC21, a key piece of legislation that was recently heard by th... more »»

Sharing Mana‘o

December 2, 2015 Betcha by golly, wow . . . I can’t get the Stylistics out of my head. Ever since I heard that Tom Moffatt is bringing them back to the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, I’ve been in nostalgia mode. more »»



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