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Ban American and Hawaii state flag

July 5, 2015 Your editorial of June 25 (“Symbol that needs to go”) should put to rest the absurd notion Maui’s left-wingers have clung to that your editor is a political conservative. more »»

‘Inactivist’ applies nicely to those stuck in the past

July 5, 2015 I knew some emotionally stunted smoke addict would surely do it and they did, a meeting of “activists” took place in Kihei regarding the assault by HC&S on the breathing community. more »»

Cane burning a way of life here

July 5, 2015 Where do these people come from that are complaining about cane burning? Do they not know the jobs that would be lost on this small island? The economy would be turned upside down. more »»

Telescope would be a good thing for Hawaii

July 5, 2015 “Grandpa, why are those people angry about a new telescope? I think it would be a good thing for Hawaii.” “Oh, it would be,” Little One. more »»

Numbers in editorial 10 years out of date

July 5, 2015 Re: “According to CNNMoney, a study by that research institute found that over half the $2.2 trillion the United States spends on health care each year is pure waste.” Current U.S. more »»

Kihei forum on cane burning was one-sided

July 5, 2015 Several nights ago, the Kihei community put together a forum against cane burning. more »»

Editorial about county government has merit

July 5, 2015 The editorial on June 28 regarding transforming Maui County government from a strong mayor to a professional manager-council form of government was well thought out and supported with compelling... more »»

Ignorance and hate a mockery of freedom?

July 5, 2015 “What! Removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds? Over my dead body!” Abhorrent ignorance and hate mocking freedom... more »»

Reasonable solution for shops parking issue

July 3, 2015 I am suggesting a reasonable solution to the Shops at Wailea parking issue. What makes charging to park at the Shops at Wailea offensive is that there is no perceivable reason other than greed. more »»

Juvenile brain is still maturing in teen years

July 3, 2015 Why are teenagers allowed to vote? Recent studies of the teenage brain have shown that their brains do not mature until well into their 20s. more »»

Left needs to learn what it means to be a citizen

July 3, 2015 As of late, stoking the fires of division in this country have hit an all-time high. Never in this lifetime have I witnessed such blatant disrespect for our Constitutio. more »»

MEO drivers stand up for their rights

July 3, 2015 It’s about time. Good for you drivers at Maui Economic Opportunity. I am very happy to see that you stood up for your rights and got the union on your side. I worked for MEO for 17 years. more »»

Court has done damage to its own legitimacy

July 2, 2015 As I awoke, the words “Jesus is Coming Soon” repeated in my soul and tears dropped from my eyes, seeking the Holy Spirit for comfort. more »»

Millions of Americans are ‘Feeling the Bern’

July 2, 2015 It’s early in the primary season, and the Democratic Primary race is getting interesting. I’m excited about Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont. more »»

A county manager could streamline government

July 2, 2015 The June 28 editorial has proposed that we review the current form of local governance and evaluate making a change. more »»

Candidate’s views on issues are alarming

July 1, 2015 Finally the campaign trail permeates seriousness? The latest candidate, or noncandidate, made it clear, “I will build a wall, and I can build walls, making sure “the Joes” and not “the Joses” are... more »»

Majority of conservatives on wrong side of progress

July 1, 2015 Why is it that the majority of conservatives, including three consistently obstinate Supreme Court justices, insist upon being on the wrong side of progress, fraternity and equality; and refuse to... more »»

Confederate flag not to be rallied around

July 1, 2015 I grew up in Arkansas in the ’50s in the segregated South. I was a bigot like almost everybody around me. In school and out we learned to be proud of our heritage. more »»

Government is not our nanny

June 30, 2015 It was shocking that the Hawaii Legislature and Gov. more »»

Protesters are trying to overthrow U.S.

June 30, 2015 Our country, its ideals and our liberty are being taken away from us thanks to community organizers that hoodwink people to take the right to work of others away from them under the guise of their... more »»

Leave Earth to those with all the money

June 30, 2015 I have been thinking about those whose income is below $200,000 per year and reached the understanding maybe we should all find a different planet to live on and leave Earth to all those who have al... more »»


Alcoholics Anonymous - sundays July 5, 2015

Club 449 gay/lesbian group, 7:30 a.m., Kalama Park bandstand, 1900 block of South Kihei Road; We Agnostics (no prayers), 10 a.m., 131 S. Kihei Road by the Maui Bridge Club; call 874-0214. Also, Maui Sunset group, 5-6 p.m., toward shoreline, behind Maui Sunset, 1032 S. Kihei Road. more »


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Restating the Obvious

Sugar and smoke

July 5, 2015 On Sunday, I blogged about the cane smoke meeting ("Maui Snow job," June 28). more »

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