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How will paid parking lot affect Wailea businesses?

April 17, 2015 I lived in Napili and worked in Lahaina for years. During that time, our most common complaint from tourists and locals alike was about Lahaina’s parkin. more »»

Judge’s ruling in favor of marine mammal protection

April 17, 2015 As a dedicated daily reader of this publication, perhaps I missed a report of the chief judge’s ruling in Hawaii March 31 against the U.S. more »»

Madison defined republic as democratic government

April 17, 2015 Only a purist would deny that the United States Constitution established a democratic government (Letters, April 3). more »»

Race card overplayed in police misconduct cases

April 16, 2015 I just can’t believe every time a black person gets pulled over now they claim the cop is racist. Thank you, Mr. President; you and Eric Holder have made it so difficult for all police officers. more »»

Basing Maui property taxes on property value is fair

April 16, 2015 The current property tax system here in Maui is based on market value and is fair and should not be changed. A March 29 Viewpoint recommended an “acquisition-based assessment system. more »»

Writer provided good belly laugh, SHAKA insight

April 16, 2015 I would like to thank the writer of the April 2 letter titled “Experiment under the guise of helping people.” I have needed a good belly laugh for a long, long time and he provided it. more »»

Maui Chamber backed on HC&S and cane burning

April 16, 2015 As a permaculture designer for 30 years on Maui, I write in support of Pamela Tumpap’s position on Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. (Chamber View, April 3). I believe she is right on every point. more »»

Why repave Mokulele when other road work needed?

April 16, 2015 Why are they paving Mokulele Highway when there are so many other streets that need some real attention, like Hukulike Street and Papa Place? Judy Grodan Kihei... more »»

Germany sets renewable energy example for Hawaii and the world

April 15, 2015 While looking across a section of green fields, corn and pasture farmland, I saw a distant biofuels plant using rape seed, a number of roofs with large arrays of photovoltaic panels and, in the... more »»

Officer shows indifference during pet dog emergency

April 15, 2015 Recently my wife was taking our sick 9-year-old lab to the vet in Lahaina because the dog was having a seizure. As she was frantically driving to the vet, she saw a police car in the far lane. more »»

Show new Wailuku town police officer goodwill

April 15, 2015 I had a chance to meet our new police officer assigned to enforce the parking and loading laws on the streets of Wailuku town. more »»

Maui County approved project on historical land

April 15, 2015 The Gettysburg battlefield or Thomas Jefferson’s home would never be considered for development. more »»

Why Maui Electric’s future matters

April 14, 2015 Every child knows that Maui has the realistic chance to become the first island in America to be powered by 100 percent renewable energ. more »»

Mayor and budget chair are playing taxpayers

April 14, 2015 Love those politicians. Mayor and council Budget Committee chair meet. Mayor says budget to increase XX percent — “I’ll be the bad cop; you tell them ‘We’re in a cutting mode,’ makes you the good cop. more »»

List exempted alternate energy improvement

April 14, 2015 The county mayor and finance director are unfairly not honoring property tax exempting provisions of the Maui County Code covering alternate energy improvements. more »»

Paid parking won’t help Shops at Wailea vacancies

April 14, 2015 After reading the April 2 article about mall vacancies in Maui, I couldn’t help but comment about the changes coming to the Shops at Wailea. more »»

Glyphosate linked with cancer, ban called for

April 14, 2015 On March 20, the World Health Organization made a stunning announcement, declaring that the main chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling weed killer Roundup — glyphosate — has the potential t... more »»

Caution regarding EUTF fund fiscally prudent action by county

April 12, 2015 I’d like to clear up a few mistakes made by The Maui News and a recent story it reported on involving an audit of our Treasury Divisio. more »»

Hooray to Baker for taking on greedy giant

April 12, 2015 Hooray to Sen. Roz Baker for passionately supporting our hospital by taking on the Hawaii Government Employees Union (The Maui News, April 1). They only care about keeping their union due. more »»

Create a sustainable community model

April 12, 2015 When I shook President Bush’s hand I asked him, “Do you think 9/11 is the beginning of World War III?” In typical cowboy style he answered, “I don’t know, Ori, I just take them one at a time as they... more »»

System of government is corrupt and broken

April 12, 2015 Aside from the science surrounding the GMO issue, I’d like to speak to the serious damage taking place to our democracy. more »»



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Book Review 344: Serpent on the Rock

April 15, 2015 SERPENT ON THE ROCK: Backstabbing, Lying, Embezzling, Cover-ups, Just Another Day on Wall Street in History’s Biggest Corporate Swindle, by Kurt Eichenwald. 503 pages, Broadway paperback, $15. more »

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