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Hawaii should go back to being sovereign nation

April 24, 2014 My opinion on Hawaii’s sovereignty is that we should be an independent country once again. I focus on the things that make us who we are as a people — not money, weaponry, freedom or anything else. more »»

Canada’s military prowess vastly underestimated

April 24, 2014 Froma Harrop’s statement (The Maui News, April 14) that “Canada can hardly defend” itself caught my eye. As usual, Canada’s military achievements in world affairs are largely ignored. more »»

Cane-burning meeting yielded valuable information

April 24, 2014 On April 15, I attended Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.’s open house regarding its cane-burning practices. more »»

We will all pay dearly for the loss of honesty

April 23, 2014 I’m so sick of watching live TV or the news and seeing our president with all his democratic clones looking the people in the eyes and outright lyin. more »»

GMOs going to factory farms that ravage the land

April 23, 2014 Only 5 percent of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) feed people. The remainder feeds factory farms. These farms raise animals and fowl in unhealthy and cruel conditions. more »»

More than one person should be judging Art Maui

April 23, 2014 I have to agree with the underwhelmingness of Art Maui as portrayed by an April 17 letter writer. Art Maui’s fatal flaw is its juried selection process. more »»

Keep sports complex out of Maui Lani neighborhood

April 23, 2014 I recently purchased a home in Maui Lani Legends and am extremely concerned about the negative impact the proposed Central Maui Sports Complex will have on my family and neighborhood. more »»

Opposition to no-kill philosophy is unacceptable

April 23, 2014 I am really confused about any opposition toward “no kill.” Everyone who loves animals should be really excited about this. more »»

Airport access road will create a traffic mess

April 23, 2014 Has anyone checked out the final plan for the airport access road? Not only does it add a fourth stoplight within a mile of Dairy Road instead of an overpass, it curves back toward Dairy Road near... more »»

Better location is available for sports complex

April 23, 2014 Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui is trying to force the development of an extensive sports complex on 65 acres directly behind a now-quiet neighborhood in Kahului. more »»

GMO-produced foods need to be labeled as such

April 23, 2014 There have been several letters recently to this newspaper on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) which have suggested that if people do not like food grown using GMO technology, those people... more »»

Highway intersection needs signal light

April 22, 2014 The state should consider installing a temporary traffic signal at the Old Haleakala Highway and new Haleakala Highway intersection. more »»

Company’s public behavior has invited backlash

April 22, 2014 When you genetically modify Wall Street-style capitalism with superficial science the result is a deceitful, unethical mutation called Monsanto. more »»

Why no follow-up on punishment for driver?

April 22, 2014 The life of an awesome 8-year-old, Will Smith, was taken in June 2007. more »»

Paddling is a way to keep Hawaiian culture alive

April 22, 2014 There are many canoe clubs around the island and pretty much all of the high schools have paddling as sport. It doesn’t only keep us active, but it also keeps our culture aliv. more »»

Rumble strips would reduce risks for cyclists

April 21, 2014 I am a cyclist who lives on Maui, and I spend many hours riding the roadways here. more »»

Requirement for voter ID is not too burdensome

April 21, 2014 Voter fraud is indeed a problem in the United States. Forty-six states have prosecuted and/or convicted cases of voter fraud. More than 2 million voters are registered to vote in multiple states. more »»

People should have a vote on all Maui development

April 21, 2014 Well, I have to applaud the anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) people for their spunk and determination. It made me happy to see Maui’s people stand up for themselve. more »»

Nothing is phony about administration’s scandals

April 20, 2014 An April 13 letter writer used the adjective “ersatz” in describing the Benghazi tragedy, the Fast and Furious debacle and the Internal Revenue Service scandals. more »»

Donation of umbilical cord blood can save lives

April 20, 2014 Compassion and generosity are hallmarks of motherhood. more »»

Save more animals on Maui by adopting no kill

April 20, 2014 Do you really want to help more animals on Maui? Visit to find out more, find out what can be done and find out what no kill really means. more »»



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Restating the Obvious

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on

April 21, 2014 Does it seem to you like there have been a lot of big earthquakes in the Pacific region this month? Another (magnitude 7.8) in Papua Saturday morning. more »

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