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MMMC finally gets the recognition it deserves

July 29, 2015 In reading the July 16 front page article about the successful cardiac unit at Maui Memorial, I thought, “it’s about time. more »»

People ‘for’ cane burning ignite memory of meeting

July 29, 2015 Many years ago I attended a meeting for “Beyond War” — a citizens group dedicated to the prevention of nuclear wa. more »»

We still fall short of America’s promise

July 29, 2015 Born in 1931, a time of indiscriminate lynchings to which most turned their backs, I saw the ugliness of white men’s prejudice stirred in the cauldron of hate by the Ku Klux Klan hiding behind white... more »»

Sea creatures do what we do

July 29, 2015 There have been a number of letters decrying “human waste” in the ocean. The latest (July 16) cited “sacks” of human waste on the rocks at Hookipa. more »»

‘Chamber View’ was an advertisement

July 29, 2015 The July 17 “Chamber View” column written by the president of the Maui Chamber of Commerce regarding their new Enhanced Benefits Package should not have been on the editorial page. more »»

Irrigation systems making waterfalls on Wailea roads

July 28, 2015 Since the first time I drove around Wailea, I was shocked with the amount of water that is wasted every night. more »»

Take pride in America, fly the stars and stripes

July 28, 2015 As a third-generation American, I want to recognize and congratulate The Maui News for printing the American flag on a full page of its July 4th issue in celebration of our country’s 239th birthday. more »»

Correct spelling is attorneys general

July 28, 2015 Sunday, July 19. Big headline on Page A8 in The Maui News: “Attorney generals should address . . . more »»

Startling blue sky a thing of the past

July 28, 2015 The sky over Hawaii in 1980 is not the sky over Hawaii now. Once, it was a startling blue. One can still see that older sky in photos and films. more »»

Turtles, not humans, leaving waste behind

July 28, 2015 There is a good chance that the human waste in the shallow waters of Hookipa is actually turtle waste. more »»

Pay off politicians to stop cane burning

July 26, 2015 Let’s get rea. more »»

‘Reactive airway disease’ may have multiple causes

July 26, 2015 Those who complain about sugar cane smoke burning need to prove that “reactive airway disease” was caused specifically by cane burning and not by other causes: allergies from pollen, vog, car... more »»

Now is the time to build an air-defense system

July 26, 2015 It is now time to build our “Iron Dome” ASAP! Dan Stockhammer Lahaina ... more »»

Many products deemed safe turn out to be killers

July 26, 2015 Even in our Congress there are those working to give Monsanto, a foreign corporation, the right to not label their products. more »»

Where are people who shut down businesses?

July 26, 2015 “Show me the water,” Michelle Anderson’s bill, was responsible for shutting down construction and affordable housing. The former council member left Maui and now lives on the Mainland. more »»

Passage of initiative may have lasting consequences

July 24, 2015 Will the passage of the GMO initiative have a lasting political consequences? Despite unprecedented expenditure of sums of money and universal support by establishment politicians against the... more »»

Drivers’ tinted windows threaten pedestrian safety

July 24, 2015 I was almost hit in a crosswalk by a lady who had tinted front windows. more »»

No planes developed to match the Concorde

July 24, 2015 Flying on one of the last Concorde flights from London to New York was a sad but exciting experience (Today’s Editorial, July 14). Concorde had thundered over our house every day at 11 a.m. more »»

Candidates not asking ‘What would Jesus do?’

July 24, 2015 The bellicose response from all 15 “Christian” Republican presidential candidates to the semifinalized Iran nuclear agreement was not surprising. more »»

The ‘Chamber View’ column is myopic

July 23, 2015 The July 10 “Chamber View” column in The Maui News by Maui Chamber of Commerce President Pamela Tumpap was about the ongoing cane burning controversy. more »»

Restore funds for access road repair

July 23, 2015 I was just made aware of the deletion of funds for the Keanae Peninsula access road design and repair. The hillside above that road constantly collapses onto the roadway. more »»



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Restating the Obvious

How idiotic is 'market-based economics'?

July 26, 2015 This idiotic: Greece's creditors want to shrink its economy. more »

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