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Vote for a change of direction in Maui politics

October 22, 2014 Maui is desperately in need of a change of direction and not same old, same old politics and inaction. We need fresh idea. more »»

Don’t bite the hands of Maui farmers; vote ‘no’

October 22, 2014 Having been a Maui farmer for 40 years, I have taken a keen interest in the ongoing debate over banning genetically modified organism crops, pesticides and making criminals out of us who use them. more »»

Food labeling needed but a ban on farming is not

October 22, 2014 It’s great, this country we live in. A place where citizens can ban together and make changes. Stopping slavery, Equal Rights Amendment, even getting rid of a president that was breaking the law. more »»

White, Aiona, Cavasso all put we the people first

October 22, 2014 On Nov. 4, I am voting for Mike White, Duke Aiona and Cam Cavasso. White deserves to be re-elected. He is the people’s advocate on the Maui County Council. more »»

Pass moratorium and let real discussions begin

October 22, 2014 My neighbor, a scientist, has only one bumper sticker: “Millions Against Monsant. more »»

Anti-GMO movement’s aim is to shut down Monsanto

October 22, 2014 The anti-genetically modified organism movement gives us good reason why we should vote “no” on the Maui County anti-farming/anti-GMO ballot initiative. more »»

GMO farming is needed in order to feed the world

October 22, 2014 The anti-genetically modified organism, anti-pesticide, anti-farming witch hunt needs to stop. Today, 1 percent of our population grows the food for the other 99 percent. more »»

Rep. Souki’s street is proof he seeks no favors

October 22, 2014 Hats off to Rep. Joe Souki. Joe has brought hundreds of millions of dollars to Maui but has not asked for any favors. He has one of the worst streets on the island going to his house. more »»

Mike White serves with honesty, courage, wisdom

October 22, 2014 Through his courageous effort, I witnessed him doing what is only right and fair for Maui nei. We call it wiwo‘ole (brave, courageous). more »»

GMO technology proving to be valuable in medicine

October 22, 2014 I watched a TV program on Ebola recently ( One segment showed a scientist using tobacco plants in his lab to produce an Ebola vaccine. more »»

Rainy days prove to be a nightmare at Maui High

October 22, 2014 I am a junior at Maui High School. Some would say that grass is meant to grow. However, that is not possible if there is no grass at al. more »»

Campaign financing should be public, not private

October 22, 2014 Our constituents deserve the candidates with the best, most impassioned ideas for the betterment of our people, and not the candidates with the most money to spend on television advertisements,... more »»

Day should be set aside to honor true discoverers

October 22, 2014 The Oct. 13 editorial of a short history of the October federal holiday hit some correct notes, but . . . Since we have a Christian holiday in December, an African-American (Martin Luther King Jr. more »»

Cook arrived in the islands in 1778, not in 1776

October 22, 2014 Capt. Cook arrived on Kauai on Jan. 18, 1778, not 1776, as the Oct. 13 editorial stated. more »»

Questions about initative answered

October 21, 2014 The Maui Chapter of Hawaii Farmers Union United is an advocate for local agriculture. more »»

Allow Native Hawaiians to hunt, eat sea turtles

October 21, 2014 Let Native Hawaiians exercise our ancestral gathering rights by allowing us to hunt and eat sea turtles. Hawaiians have been doing this for centuries, and it did not destroy the turtle population. more »»

Two candidates skirting the law on term limits

October 21, 2014 The Maui County Charter states that “no member of the county council shall serve more than five consecutive full terms of office. more »»

Vote should be for a labeling law, not for a ban

October 21, 2014 Fact versus fiction, logic versus emotion. Fact is that, worldwide, genetically modified organisms are an accepted although regulated science and farming methodolog. more »»

Tomorrow may be too late, time to pray is today

October 21, 2014 It is time to pray and humble ourselves. Lord, begin with me. Please forgive me for my iniquities and shortcomings. more »»

Vote ‘yes’ and kick the big money out of Maui

October 21, 2014 The missionaries keep coming back. The first ones came here with the fear of God to control the people. Now the fear of jobs being lost is the too. more »»

Maui County deliberately chosen as a GE test site

October 21, 2014 There are some shortsighted and uninformed people in Maui County that remain focused on everything but the actual issue that the genetically modified organism ballot initiative addresses. more »»



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Restating the Obvious

Seeing the light

October 20, 2014 On my birthday a couple weeks ago, I had dinner with a friend whose birthday is one day later, and she quizzed me about why I am not a Catholic any more. more »

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