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Education policy

June 29, 2014 - Harry Eagar
And speaking of education policy, and the allegedly better American schools before liberals and unions ruined everything by, you know, allowing every child to go to school, today is the anniversary of the National Labor Relations Act.

Before that, "school" meant for millions of American children was what you see in the photographs at the right:


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Jun-29-14 10:27 PM

The tea party, I assume are made up of dissident democrats or DINOs and republicans who are listed as RINOs, neocons, libertarians, etc. as defined in another comment I had made.

Rumored that out of ten tea party are 6 republicans and 4 democrats. Tea party is the new independant party. They should be the Third Party. Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party. That would make a democracy with 3 choices.


Jun-29-14 10:23 PM

romney was right that many "Americans" do not pay their fair share of taxes. People get paid in cash don't report to IRS. Yet, they demand benefits of a citizen. Even Americans citizens get paid in cash for alligators or other animals that have skin.

I have always said in past and now present, that The Chinese can make a dollar out of 15 cents but it takes Americans a dollar to make 15 cents. You can raise the minimum wage to 10.10 an hour but the employee paying for partial health insurance still makes 7.25 an hour. More state and federal taxes, plus health insurance. Imagine not paying union dues. You save. More you make, the more you spend. Reason "brown" skins are valuable to the economy. They spend.


Jun-29-14 9:44 PM

They don't have to rise anywhere near the 1% level to start scheming to keep anyone beneath them from rising. The Tea Party is fundamentally people who are desperately afraid that somehow -- perhaps by brown people earning a living wage? -- they will be cast back into the proletariat from which they so recently emerged.

Not all, but the phenomenon is so common as to be able to account for a large fraction of political behavior.

I might be able to understand objections to raises in the minimum wage if the objectors were also objecting to raises at higher levels that do not (so far as anyone can see) contribute to productivity.

But have you ever heard of an objector to increases in the minimum wage make such an argument>? No, you never have.


Jun-29-14 5:17 PM

1% took advantage of the 99% and kept them poor and working. Now the 1% take advantage of illegal or sponsored immigrants. Cheap labor wage while the CEOs make millions. The lucky 1% of 99% get educated and end up being CEOs and forgetting their roots. They become tyrants.


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