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Rightwingers behaving badly

June 14, 2014 - Harry Eagar
If I didn't write a blog about pawning, I would not have known about this revealing rant by Rush Limbaugh. You should read the whole thing to get the true smarmy quality, but the summary is, a caller identifying himself as a pawnbroker called Limbaugh to know if his customers were accurately informing him about the state of the overall economy.

Yeah, go figure.

Anyhow, the pawnbroker mentioned that a client came in needing money to tide him over until he received his disability check. Limbaugh was offended that our nanny government pays disability to injured workers (although the workers fund the insurance):

RUSH: Holy smokes! So somebody comes in, you say, "Why do you need the money?" and they respond, "My disability check won't come in 'til next week, that's why I'm selling you this Rolex" or whatever it is?

It was a lawnmower, and, yeah, pawnshops are in business to provide short-term, usually small loans to people who need a few bucks.

So, Mr. Sensitivity went on:

RUSH: What are you actually trying to ascertain?

CALLER: Just to see if, you know, these liberal friends of mine and, you know, them that are saying that the economy's doing so well, you know, but I see people every day that, you know, are not doing well.

Imagine finding people not doing well at a pawnshop. Have you tried the country club, Mr. Pawnbroker?

After some more incoherent exchanges, Limbaugh concludes:

RUSH: Ask them what they think of swapping five prisoners for Bowe Bergdahl. Ask them what they think of concussions. Are they less inclined to go watch the NFL because they're killing the players? You know, dress it up however you want.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Then ask how they're doing, why they need the money.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And then tell 'em it's not your job to provide it, and see what happens.

Actually, it is the pawnbroker's job to provide money.

The subtext of this exchange is as hateful as anything else you are likely to find in a conversation with rightwingers, and I flag it only because of the implication by Limbaugh that anyone on disability is some sort of welfare king buying Rolexes and crab legs with public funds.

Thomas Hobbes once described Man living in a state of nature -- that is, Small-Gummint Man -- as "solitary, mean, brutish, nasty and short." That's a good description of the friendless and often-divorced Limbaugh, don't you think?

Movin' on, what self-important singer's political opinions are you least interested in knowing about?

No, you cannot pick the hypocritical gas-hoarder John Denver. He left the gas at his mountain hideout instead of putting it in his airplane's tank and so he's dead. Howzabout Pat Boone, author of "A Miracle a Day Keeps the Devil Away" and the 1961 book of advice to teen-agers that sparked the Youth Rebellion, "Twixt Twelve and Twenty."

What has Boone done lately?

He has authored a racist rant about President Obama who is ruining the republic. Apparently the supply of miracles ran out.

Did you know that Pat Boone has been writing an "exclusive" weekly column at World Net Daily for nearly 10 years? I did not know that.

Pat Boone has been writing obsessively for over 50 years, and this week he had to fall back on that tired staple of the columnist who has run out of themes, the satirical dream:

In this dream, a "secret cabal of communist manipulators" selected a likely young "black/white" boy and groomed him for high electoral office, maybe even the highest. But first, they corrupted the elections at the Harvard Law Review to make the puppet "briefly" president of the Law Review, because, as we all know, American voters are terribly impressed by making the HLR.

Once again, you have to read the whole thing to enjoy the loopy weirdness of the rightwing loon in full flight.

So we have answered the question you forgot to ask, has Pat Boone done anything to offend public decency since fathering Debby Boone?

Yes, yes he has.


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Jun-15-14 5:11 PM

I do not think so. There is overlap on all sorts of issues, but Tea Partiers are not, on the whole, Christian bigots in the way the traditional American extreme right is.

Most notably, while the Tea Party has attracted many antiblack racists, it has not -- so far as I have seen -- picked up the antisemitism that is core principal of the extreme right.

And the extreme right is not the same as the mainstream right.

Of the 2 rightists I picked on, Boone is a Christian bigot but Limbaugh is not, for example.


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