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Remember the 'surge'?

June 1, 2014 - Harry Eagar
What was that all about, anyway?

"BAGHDAD — Violence claimed the lives of 799 Iraqis in May, the highest monthly death toll so far this year, the United Nations said Sunday, underlining the daunting challenges the Iraqi government faces as it struggles to contain a surge in sectarian violence."

Just an excuse to let the beaten US Army bug out, like the Christmas bombing of Hanoi. Some things never change.


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Jun-04-14 6:45 PM

"New evidence suggests early use of cannabis related to sleep problems?

A compelling argument not to use marijuana before a certain age. But the particulars we must discover first. I can speak from experience that at a very minimum this theory is plausible." Bronson Kaahui

Signs of PTSD or drug use.


Jun-04-14 6:28 PM

Pot calling the kettle black? Right Elvira? Your dog is from Russia.

Seems Bronson Kaahui could not ignore for long. Expected from one with PTSD. Exact meaning for PTSD. Right bkaahui? You have the experience.


Jun-04-14 3:38 PM

I think you might be suffering from thought disorder. Here are some of the symptoms that I think describe you perfectly:

"Derailment (also loose association and knight's move thinking) – Ideas slip off the topic's track on to another which is obliquely related or unrelated.[9]

Flight of ideas – Excessive speech at a rapid rate that involves fragmented or unrelated ideas.[9] It is common in mania.[9]

Illogicality – Conclusions are reached that do not follow logically (non-sequiturs or faulty inferences).

Incoherence (word salad) – Speech that is unintelligible because, though the individual words are real words, the manner in which they are strung together results in incoherent gibberish,[9]

Loss of goal – Failure to follow a train of thought to a natural conclusion.

Tangentiality – Wandering from the topic and never returning to it or providing the information requested.[9] e.g. in answer to the question "Where are you from?", a response "My dog is from Eng


Jun-02-14 10:53 PM

Can't run for office if there is no need for government. Don't need politicians.

"American politicians don't have the courage", then they must be cowards And snowden is a hero. 1969 Tet offense was similiar to Benghazi and other bases that were attacked on 9/11, ten years later as said by Usama bin Laden. Benghazi was a covert mission but republicans are too much of geniouses to realize. Seems many military don't know why they fought in Afghanistan or Iraq. PTSD politicians like senator mccain.


Jun-02-14 12:18 AM

American politicians don't have the courage to admit to defeat or even level with the public. Same thing is going on in Afghanistan right now, Obama gave 10,000 troops the opportunity to be the last person to die for their country in a pointless war that we lost.

What exactly could be accomplished by keeping troops there for another 2 years? But of course our sad excuse for "journalists" these days won't ask real, relevant questions.


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