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Hog wild or wild hog, or what?

May 27, 2014 - Harry Eagar
Georgia Teen Accidentally Shot And Killed On Father-Son Fishing Trip

From TPM.

They thought they might bag a hog. Fishin' is different in Georgia than in Hawaii.

The comments at TPM are generally unsympathetic to the allegedly grieving father. Some wonder if he just murdered his son and, this being Tea Party country, had the perfect alibi. Who knows? Dead sons tell no tales.

LoganFive comments:

"For any conservatives reading this thread, you can calm down. This kid wasn't killed in the womb or in Benghazi, so you're off the hook in terms of having to give a shit about his death."

That sounds about right.

thomasmatthew comments:

"I am wondering whether the NRA will attack this distraught father like the attacked the distraught father in the Santa Barbara shootings. Or do they only attack distraught fathers not involved in the shooting?"

That is unfair. So far as I know, the NRA has not attacked Mr. Martinez. The NRA usually maintains a cowardly silence in the first couple of news cycles after one of their child sacrifices. thomasmatthew is confusing the NRA with various rightwing gun nuts who have sounded off.

If you need that, Wonkette is attempting to keep a sort of linkfest to the "stupid bloviating" of America's defenders of the Second Amendment.


Article Comments



May-31-14 2:23 AM

You way underestimate the extent to which people will admit things that a normally prudent or fearful person would not admit.

For example, if you were running a political party and expected to do well, you would hide your racist beliefs, if you had them. But the Tea Party nevertheless has sent out hundreds of racist emails, and it has cost them.

The system does not have to be perfect to be worthwhile. The regulation of autos has cut highway deaths from 50,000 a year to 25,000.

A similar success with gun regulation would save millions of lives.


May-30-14 4:55 PM

Harry when you live in a world of words you can construct any reality that you wish. But when you try to implement silly ideas into policy, that is when reality sets in.

For example, extensive mental health checks would simply lead to people not seeking help or treatment that they need out of fear of losing their 2nd amendment rights. Your silly little bar is even more arbitrary, and would simply cause people to limit what they say. Since the government has no way to get into peoples minds, there is really no way to verify whether or not a person holds such views if they do not publicly express them. If somebody does believe their AR-15 prevents government tyranny, but doesn't publicly state that because of your silly new law/regulation, how would you prevent them from getting a gun?

Like I said, silly ideas aren't solutions in the real world.


May-30-14 4:01 PM

Who said anything about high capacity magazines? I do not think he could have passed my positive test for going armed but then I propose to set the bar high.

Anybody crazy enough to think that his AR15 is all that stands between gummint tyranny and freedom, for example, could not qualify.


May-30-14 3:17 PM

I'm replying to you Harry by the way, I've decided to completely ignore OneAikea, he is not a rational human being and therefore is incapable of having a rational discussion.


May-30-14 3:17 PM

Your "solution" doesn't solve anything. Let us take the most recent example of a mass shooting and the immediate calls for gun control. Elliot Rodgers obtained his guns legally, he did not use "assault weapons," he killed an equal number of people with a knife as with his guns, and he did not use "high capacity magazines" either.

Nothing you propose would have prevented this from happening. Your "solution" is not a solution at all, any more than the NSA domestic spying program is a solution to terrorism.

Lets try solutions that work rather than solutions that give us a false sense of security.


May-29-14 12:16 AM

Bingo! Brilliant.

I do not wish to take guns away from guns but from gun nuts.

Let's make it positive. Instead of the default being to let anyone have a gun unless shown to be inadequate, let's allow people to have guns on showing they can be trusted with them.

Few if any NRAers could do that.


May-28-14 10:33 PM

Guns are responsible for these deaths in the same way that cars are responsible for accidents.


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