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Gun nuts on parade

May 5, 2014 - Harry Eagar
I visited my granddaughters over the weekend, which meant exposing myself to parts of the culture that I normally don't have any contact with, like television. One thing I saw was going to be fodder for another gun nut post, which now must come later, because overnight an even better -- by which I mean, much worse -- example has come up.


What more can one say? Plenty, and the online commentariat is saying it. I have picked out a few of the most incisive ones but it is worth reading them all:

"More guns mean more people are safe. --The NRA--"


"The NRA would say that if the eleven-year-old boy had a gun this would not have happened."


"At least they arrested this guy -- they usually call this kind of stuff a 'tragic accident.' "


"Criminal negligence is a funny thing. Kill someone outside your family and you could get life, but kill a family member and all you will probably get is sympathy."

and (based on the fact that the shooter lived in his mother's basement)

"I was mostly making fun of him for being a loser who can apparently afford a gun collection (good-quality new guns ain't cheap), but can't afford to move out of his parents' basement.

"I know times are tough for millennials, but, damn, that's pathetic."

I think after every similar episode, the national press should insist that Wayne Lapierre go on record and on camera to explain the NRA version of events. When Lapierre starts showing up every single day, then maybe the responsible gun owners of America (if there really are any) will start joining the don't-need-guns voters to draft some responsible legislation -- like repealing the Second Amendment.

But I am not hopeful because 1) Wayne Lapierre doesn't have the stones to defend his positions when they lead to shooting kids; 2) gun nuts are cowards who are afraid to go unarmed in places where the rest of us move about without a care, and that is why you cannot discuss anything with them; 3) there is an enormous financial sector that profits from stroking the penis substitutes that the gun nuts cannot live without.

Which brings me to the original post this was going to be. The hedline was to have read:


And the text would have said:

The ultimate in vicarious wish fulfillment for gun nuts has come to "Animal Planet," a reality show called "Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters."

I have not seen the show, only the promo, which explains all -- "Hunting men is the ultimate" (I do not have that exact but that was the sense of it; the picture explains the sentiment just as well.)

All the sicko gun owners will be watching and spasming into their BVDs, and Animal Planet will be raking it in. It would be worth watching just to learn who the sponsors are.

A fair idea of the intelligence of these menaces is given by the promo, which shows them sneaking up on a tent (presumably hiding a fugitive) across a broad, snow-covered meadow, wearing forest camouflage.

A commenter at claims to know the show is fake, which is no doubt true; but that does not change the intent of the producers or the intended audience.


Article Comments



May-20-14 3:48 PM

Why aren't we protesting about background checks for propane purchases? Why should convicted felons be allowed to cook for their families using propane? It is too dangerous!

I want to feel safe! I want to be secure! I want the government to protect me from imaginary threats! Ban propane!


May-18-14 5:44 PM

Surely you must be outraged that I can go and buy as much propane as I want in Safeway, right? I mean surely we need to conduct background checks and mental health evaluations before somebody buys propane. Think of the children!


May-17-14 4:01 AM

I don't own any guns and I support the 2nd amendment for the same reason that I support gay marriage even though I don't intend to get married to a man. I don't think civil liberties are something we should just get rid of because of mass hysteria and fear.

Someone with my skills and knowledge could easily construct a bomb out of materials that can be purchased in any major grocery store. I guess that means we need to lock up all the veterans because they *might possibly* do something crazy, even though there is no evidence to suggest that they actually will.

I mean, if you oppose gun ownership, surely you must be outraged that people can just go buy propane in a couple tanks without a license or background check, right? What is to prevent some crazy person from constructing a massive fireball of death from Safeway?

Sorry, but fear and hysteria aren't good enough reasons to infringe on peoples liberty. I'm not willing to trade liberty for a false sense of security.


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