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Another responsible gun owner

March 29, 2014 - Harry Eagar
I followed the link to the sad saga of Israel Rondon thinking it was about the "sovereign citizen" who was squatting in people's houses when they went on vacation, but no, this was a different sovereign citizen.

Rondon seems to have been treated gently by the Ohio courts, getting only probation for a collection of offenses including assaulting a cop, poaching deer and carrying a pistol in his car. (Just that last one would almost certainly have gotten him hard time in Maui.) Perhaps the judges were affected by Rondon's obvious mental problems.

This may have been false sympathy since it looks like Rondon was on a downward trajectory. I am guessing he wouldn't have received mental health treatment gracefully even if it had been offered. So he got shot in the head.

People like Rondon are very difficult to know what to do with. Shooting them in the head seems both inevitable and less than optimal.

Not all sovereign citizens are dangerous, but the publicists who feed their fantasies are.

Whatever, easy access to firearms made everything about Israel Rondon worse than it had to be.

The gun nuts have a lot to answer for.


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Apr-05-14 3:58 PM

This "sovereign citizen" stuff is getting disturbingly common: *******


Apr-03-14 6:29 AM

The coward says that he can't be bothered to stand up for what he believes in for once in his pathetic life.


Apr-02-14 2:13 AM

Most cowards have a lot to say on the internet but nothing in person. =)


Apr-01-14 10:33 PM

Well, though I disagree with you on this point, at least you are being logically consistent. Most gun control advocates see no logical contradiction in disarming the populace while remaining silent about rampant police militarization.


Apr-01-14 3:27 PM

I do not know of a time when police ever protected our civil liberties. I agree the militarization of the police is disgusting, but they were disgusting when they wore blue, too.

In the South lynch mobs were most often organized by the sheriff. Cops could be relied on to beat up or shoot workers, but when did you ever hear of them shooting a boss?

I'm cool with disarming the police as we disarm the whole country. It could be done in stages. For starters, move to the English model where most cops did not have firearms.


Mar-31-14 3:54 AM

I support some restrictions on ownership, but I don't think the government has a good track record when it comes to denying peoples civil liberties for ostensibly "good" reasons.

With the total militarization of our police forces, I've seen the police transform from protectors of civil liberties to the main violators. They now routinely send in SWAT teams to kick in doors of peaceful citizens.


Mar-31-14 3:43 AM

Should we disarm police?


Mar-30-14 2:54 PM

gun nit: a person inflicted with one or both of two delusions:

that he needs to have a gun with him to carry on his daily affairs; or that only his gun stands in the way of a takeover of the government by bad guys,


Mar-29-14 11:13 PM

Are you a gun control nut Harry?


Mar-29-14 11:13 PM

Define "gun nut."


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