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What could possibly go wrong?

November 13, 2013 - Harry Eagar
From Idaho, a most likely place, comes the story of a gun-totin', rapin', lyin', state legislator. You will not be surprised to kearn that he was sponsored by Tea Party loon Raul Labrador.

Or that he respects the law and cares for the little children so much that "Patterson authored House Bill 219 in the 2013 Legislature, which would have made it a misdemeanor for Idaho law enforcement officials to help enforce any new federal restrictions on semiautomatic firearms or ammunition or any new registration requirements. The measure was drafted to pre-empt any federal action in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting that killed 26 in December 2012."

He claims to have lost his memory as a result of chemotherapy, something I've never heard of; but he seems to have remembered things that did not happen:

"A month after he was elected in November 2012, Patterson acknowledged that his campaign website mistakenly said he was a petroleum engineer and had attended the University of Southern California. Neither was true.

"His claim that he was a “professional road-racing cyclist” also was disputed in an Associated Press article. USA Cycling said Patterson was licensed in its second-lowest amateur division from 1993 to 1998."

You would think that after these revelations -- Idaho Statesman reporter Dan Popkey did a thorough job -- legislators with any sense of self-preservation would be edging out of any room occupied by Rep. Mark Patterson, but they're rallying 'round. At least the Republicans are. Once again northern Idaho defends its reputation as the nuttiest place in the country.


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Nov-14-13 10:08 PM

Saw this on TV.

The miscalculation of Human Equation. Interesting words.


Nov-14-13 7:16 PM

The mistake that republicans have made is that they do not believe in the words of the Gettysburg Address written by President Abraham Lincoln. "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Republicans and Democrats have forgotten the people and they forgot God. It is not about the party.

johnornellas was a councilman, proving it knows what a nut and liar is. Can't refudiate it.


Nov-14-13 7:13 PM

Obama lied about his criminal record in order to carry dangerous weapons? I didn't hear that.


Nov-14-13 7:03 PM

johnornellas lives in a white room. Does that mean it is a nut?

No, johnornellas you are back!


Nov-14-13 7:00 PM

There seems to be room for johnornellas and soon to be his doppess, johngault.

Where is the cherry tree? Did George Washington have a birth certificate?

"You are also right. There are nuts & liars on both sides. Is there room for Obama?" johnornellas. So. what's the answer that you should know since you asked the question. The White House has room.


Nov-14-13 6:03 PM

Harry, you are back! You are also right. There are nuts & liars on both sides. Is there room for Obama?


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