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This is for the other johngault

October 31, 2013 - Harry Eagar
Since johngault didn't like RtO's statements about Obamacare, claiming they were not factual, here's some facts.

Nut grafs:

"When people want to demonize single payer systems, they always wind up going after rationing, and more often than you’d think with hip replacements… "It’s not true. They don’t deny hip replacements to the elderly (in Canada). But there’s more. "Do you know who gets most of the hip replacements in the United States? The elderly. "Do you know who pays for care for the elderly in the United States? Medicare. "Do you know what Medicare is? A single-payer system."

Please read the whole thing, as poster Aaron Carroll has something important to say about health costs.

Then there's this takedown of rightwing scare tactics.


Private Sector Hello, I’m the private sector.

Obamacare And I’m Obamacare!

Private Sector Obamacare, I have to tell you about the sweetest, bravest little girl I met. Her name’s Chloe, she’s eight years old, and she was born with a heart condition that has meant surgery after surgery just to keep her alive. She’s spent so much of her life in the hospital, but she is just the brightest, cheeriest girl you could imagine. She has this big stuffed bear she called “Mr. Bear,” and she takes it everywhere. They’re best friends! Oh, and here’s the best part. Her family just reached their lifetime cap on coverage, so I don’t have to pay their bills any more. They were getting pretty expensive!

Obamacare Yeah, you can’t do that anymore.

Private Sector Wait, what?


And another epic failure of a "news" organization to find someone harmed by Obamacare. (Fox does good job, shoots Roger Ailes in foot, basically. Will wonders never cease?)


Article Comments



Nov-07-13 12:43 AM

Neither do conservatives. They contradict themselves so much. So much they have to use plagiarism. rant paul and the others.

Health care is not a ponzi scam. It is a wart on the posterior of the rich. Health care is like Social Security. The more you pay each month is for one's future when not as healthy and you have the coverage to cover the cost of any Cancers or for some AIDS or any costly Medical problem. The 1% can get ObamaCare but men like Steve Jobs could afford the Medical Bill but he died. He had no Health Insurance but he could pay the cost. 99% cannot but some live with Health Insurance and some die since they did not. Catch 22. Die if you do and die if you don't. Take a gamble, your dollar may save the life of another or be cheaper in your future.


Nov-04-13 11:11 PM

I said I sold long, which is what I did.


Nov-04-13 8:49 PM

Seems johngault is feeling the side effects of Golytely. Happens when one is it is full of it. Dreck on dudette. Seems one short of johngault's doppess dreck. Happens when one conserves and is without breath. Dreck on Oahu dreck. Keep drecks on Oahu.

Ex-Lax dudette. Stay healthy johngault. You duno? You making up your own words, johnpalingault?


Nov-04-13 5:29 PM

Hey dude, you duno? Your exact wording before the shut down was that you were short the market. Funny how you can remember the smallest detail when it does not involve your lack of expertise. I bet you forgot that I asked you whether you sold long or sold short! As "everyone knows" you are quick to ridicule if anything that does not meet your political beliefs or values. Well "everyone knows" that by now that you are just as full of hot air as anyone else, it is just that your economic oeuvre is not not the gold standard you think it is.

Party on dude, but stay healthy. When the care gets rationed you do not want to be the rear of the line.And you do not to be the schemihl that gets left with the empty bag of promise.


Nov-04-13 3:37 PM

I dunno where you get the idea I don't know the difference between selling long and short, johngault.

I never sell short. I am long dollars right now but I have no obligations to buy or sell anything. I'm liquid.


Nov-04-13 12:09 AM

The 1% can afford to pay high costing medical bills. Yet many pay millions for Cancer treatment like Jobs but he is not here to tell his story. Dead men tell no tales. He should have had a Oncology checkup but he was too cheap to pay for one. "Exceptional" thinking he would not get any type of Cancer..

Party on dreck and layoff the extreme use of Golytely. Understand john and john? Dreck Brothers?


Nov-04-13 12:03 AM

Seems johnbarbaragault has been taking Golytely. In prep for his annual colonscopy. Taken without a sedative can make him irratable.

Party on dreck. Eat lots of fiber. Helps with constipation and ObamaCare can make your annual colonoscopy more affordable.

Party on Dreck but do stay healthy. Colonoscopy is covered under ObamaCare. The prep, Golytely, you pay. Eat more fiber.


Nov-03-13 10:35 PM

Dude, you need to get your electrolytes under control.You are over your head when it comes to the economic realities of paying for an entitlement that if it survives is going to be the biggest hit to middle and lower class Americans' pockets. Maybe that will be the two by four between the eyes of the politcians for a fix. Current GDP is running at a 2% rate compared to a historical 3.5% rate in addition to a working age population that is sub par at best, and no improvement in sight. This alone should worry you, but as "everyone knows" you are clueless. The ACA was constructed by fiscal and political alchemists and there will have to be major overhauls if it will ever work.

Coming from one who did not know the difference between selling short versus selling long, you should not be lecturing economic policy much less public policy. Maybe you should go short versus the box.

Party on dude, but do get too crazy you must watch those electrolytes and stay healthy.


Nov-03-13 12:43 PM

What is this obsession with actuaries? ACA doesn't change the mount of health care delivered all that much; it does change where it occurs (in a clinic instead of an emergency room); and who pays.

So it cannot be a Ponzi scheme. And if ut is unsustainable, then life without Obamacare is also unsustainable.

The logic of it will (or should) soon lead to single payer, which will be much less expensive.

One fourth of costs are in administering our crazy system and we can wipe them out with a stroke of the pen.


Nov-02-13 7:37 PM

"This is for the other johnornellas"


Nov-02-13 7:07 PM

The dreck brothers are in distress.


Nov-02-13 7:05 PM

Looking forward to comments made by the dreck brothers johnbarbargault and johnornellas. Contrary and entertaining.

Drecks, party on dudette.


Nov-02-13 6:53 PM

It's the dreck brothers both who are conservatives. Seems that johnornellas is the johnbarbaragault's doppess. Seems johnbarbaragault is not able to get medicare at its age. Seems johnornellas is old enough but not wise enough to its own thinker. Rope a doppess and drecks. I thought it was going to be a boring Saturday but johngault and side kick doppess johnornellas proved it to be entertaining. johnornellas your check is in the mail. For johngault dreck on duddete. Keep healthy as well.


Nov-02-13 2:58 PM

Hey dude, the check is in the mail. Keep believing your unprovable argument and voila the ponzi scheme works. Where are your confirming actuaries? Party on dude, and you better stay healthy because when the illness hits the fan you are going to get only the treatment that a government panel will agree upon.


Nov-02-13 2:34 PM

Single payer: Immediate 25% savings on overall costs.


Nov-02-13 2:09 PM

Hey dude, let's recap what "everyone knows" and yet you avoid to telling your readers. 1. Over 630,000 polices cancelled in Florida and California to date. 2. 6 enrolls on day one and 146 on day two into ACA. 3.Indifference by the administration's failure to reassure applicants by extending the enrollment period. None of the these facts cover the political or subterfuge issues, but just the numbers. Please tell us what actuary or actuaries say that this program can survive. The law of large numbers will prove that either ACA will fail or that its ultimate cost will overwhelm the financial resources of the country.Even the CBO has raised the costs of the ACA far above what was their original scoring.Rube Goldberg would be proud, and you should be too. Party on dude, and do make sure you stay healthy.


Nov-01-13 9:17 PM

Don't you guys follow links? I was referring to Fox News.


Nov-01-13 5:34 PM

Harry. Quoting from "Wonkette"? You gotta be kidding me. I thought you better read than that. Jez, all you have to do is watch the main stream news (you pick the channel) and see this story changes daily. No one can give the true facts about Obamacare not even the president who is Obama #1.


Nov-01-13 3:26 PM

Hey dude, using one of your pet terms, "everybody knows" that you can not believe everything you read, well you prove that in most of your essays.

Dude, party on, but do stay healthy.


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