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More Obamacare fallout

October 2, 2013 - Harry Eagar
On Sept. 23, RtO noted that despite hysterical claims that Obamacare is destroying jobs, the evidence goes the other way.

More evidence today:

"Enterprise Holdings, the nation's largest rental car company, plans to hire 11,000 new full-time workers by the middle of next year.

"Company executive Marie Artim announced the expansion in an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press.

"The hiring is expected to be complete by July 31, and could boost the company's workforce to more than 80,000, depending on attrition."

The company website notes that the company hires about 8,000 college grads each year, so even if most of the 11,000 hires are built in to its annual cycle, that suggests a big jump in full-time hiring.

Interesting, too, that these are full-time jobs. Rental car businesses often have big seasonal swings and big daily pulses of activity, the sort of situation that usually encourages managers to try to use a lot of part-time workers.

Is there any rightwing knock against Obamacare that is reality-based? Not so far as RtO has seen.


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Oct-03-13 2:30 PM

I did not say small biz is defined as under 50 employees. I said ones that small are not mandated under ACA.

But that allows me to add that the IBD list is bogus. Half are schools, and most of the other half are restaurants, notorious users of part-time and temporary workers.

Hardly a representative sample of US businesses.

Sorry you fell for it, but IBD is not a news site. It's propaganda site.


Oct-03-13 5:39 AM

Come on Dude, your statement is incorrect, a small business is not defined as one that is fifty or less employees. You can have your opinion but you cannot not manufacture the facts to suit your conclusion that was flawed. Lucky you do not have to have a fact checker before your public your economic fairy tales.

Mr. Gibbs you continue to be an insignificant -do not become a lyricist you will starve.

Party on dude and doppess.


Oct-02-13 11:39 PM

First, it is not true that small biz is the leading creator of net new jobs. RtO explained this in "The Churn," Sept. 15, 2010)

Second, small biz under 50 workers aren't covered by the ACA.


Oct-02-13 5:26 PM

Hey dude take a look at the 10/1 edition of National Review Online- it leaves one with a warm and fuzzy feeling.


Oct-02-13 5:13 PM

Not so quick dude, you can list names of corps. all day long, but there have also been announced reductions by names such as: UPS-removing 11,000 spouses from coverage, IBD Daily 9-30 publishes an extensive list of limiting hours at colleges across the U.S., IBM cuts insurance coverage for 110,000 retirees, today Merck announces over 13,000 job cuts, 9-19 Home Depot says they will transfer 20,000 part-time employees to part-time associate status which they say is a result of Obama health care, and even Clevend Clinic which Obama praises as an example of a great manager of healthcare costs announced that they would be buying out 3,000 positions citing Obama Care costs. Even Walmart's hiring announcement only takes them back to 2009 employment levels. Anecdotal evidence is available both pro and con, but what you do not discuss is that the main job generator jobs is small business, and what sign is there that those numbers are growing much less rising above pre 2008 levels?


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