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Why Obamacare is better than what we have now

August 14, 2013 - Harry Eagar
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Anything. Absolutely anything is better than what we have now.


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Aug-16-13 12:37 AM

It is known that companies that employ union members pay less premium for health insurance per member versus a company that is non-union per month. China has no unions and there is no sick leave either. No work, no pay.

Companies in China also have offshore accounts.

In China, an American company can make a dollar out of fifteen cents. In America, same company will make fifteen cents out of a dollar. Same with employees, who make with all deductions , make only fifteen cents out of a dollar. Taxes, union dues, SS, etc.


Aug-15-13 1:34 PM

You make an excellent point about companies in China. You would think American businessmen would get that they are disadvantaged against competitors who enjoy the cost savings of distributed health care, but they don't.


Aug-15-13 1:26 AM

Republicans don't want ObamaCare because it takes profit away from the 1%. More money needed to pay for employees in America. Companies in China owned by Americans do not pay health insurance for workers.

Samething with car insurance. I get charged to pay for drivers without insurance. I have my own health insurance. I have car insurance. If more people had health insurance, I assume the monthly premiums would be less per person. I was told it will not.

Speed reading. One can read the dictionary in one day. Blame lawyers who create laws with loopholes that they themselves get confused and need people to research their own laws. 3000 pages of the same word written many times.


Aug-14-13 10:50 PM

Obamacare will be mjch better than what we have now, but something like Britain's National Health Service would be best.

The rightwingers are defending the most expensive system in the world, with less than mediocre outcomes.

The National Health not only takes care of Britons, it has sponsored all the most important medical advances of the past 65 years.

Hard to argue with that but count on Republicans to do so.


Aug-14-13 3:19 PM

Hey Harry, I guess crap in and crap out is ok with you? I wonder still how many congress people has read the 3000 pages of Obama care? Maybe I should rephrase my opening comment to BS in and BS out.


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