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True voices

July 25, 2013 - Harry Eagar
Today's Washington Post has two stories that ought to be read together: one about immigrants, and one about voter fraud. What connects them is the question: Just how racist is the Republican Party?

Note that one story is about leaders (very few in number) trying to distance themselves from one of the party's (take your pick) more honest or less cautious spokesmen. "Hateful" sounds pretty definite, and normally if a politician labels something hateful, I'd say it's sin to him and he's agin it.

These are not normal times in the GOP, though. Jacob Javits is dead and all the Republicans like him. So it is reasonable to wonder whether the nice-sounding GOP leaders will follow through with legislation that demonstrates they really do find Representative King's views "hateful."

RtO will withhold a decision about that till later.

On the other issue, the verdict is in. The rightwing assault on voting rights is pure racism, and everybody knows it.


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Jul-28-13 12:06 AM

Hey dude, again you just make up facts which you have no real knowledge about. Read the U.S. Patriot Act, there are some exemptions, but they are temporary. Going to the Bay of Biscay for ten days- some tasty waves and even better ceviche. Can I bring back a t shirt as a gift?


Jul-27-13 11:24 PM

Hey dude, please enlighten me how one levitates the world as you claim without an id. I bet my last beer and fish taco that you can't and will not. Did you forget about Fed Court requirements on ids or HIPPA record requests? Skip a rope dude.


Jul-27-13 11:18 PM

Hey doppess you just can't help yourself.

Tsk on .


Jul-27-13 5:19 PM

Yes, the cost of check-cashing is high. Another way the rich exploit the poor.

The pawn shop where I work requires photo ID, but that is not a legal requirement in Hawaii or most other places. Many pawn shops do not require photo ID.

I myself do not fly commercial without ID, but you can if you want.

There are ways to get SSI payments, again expensive and exploitative. It is not certain how long these exceptions are going to continue to be allowed.

John, you should thank whoever it is you thank that you do not know about these things.


Jul-27-13 4:54 PM

Hey dude, at what cost must these people pay to cash a check. I bet that these services are not cheap. How are social security payments handled when payments are made by direct deposit? You are always quick to burp out facts(?), but when asked for more detail you can only cherry pick those that you have any real knowledge or want to answer.

I am still curious about how a pawn shop pays out without an I'd.

Dude you need more explaining, you do not want to be branded the Rush of the left!

Finally, Dude do you board commercials flights without an id ?


Jul-27-13 2:17 PM

'More than 2.3 million households in the Tenth Federal Reserve District - and 30 million nationally - rely on non-banks to meet all or some of their basic financial needs. To better understand this population, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City conducted a qualitative research project involving dozens of unbanked and underbanked individuals.'


My practice is not to reference facts that are generally known. It' Restating the Obvious, not Restating the Obscure.

Where to people without banks cash checks? At check cashing businesses. They are all over the poorer districts.

As I observed to a rightwing friend of mine who posted one of those obnoxious screeds on 'taking personal responsibility,' I do not believe a TPer would last 15 minutes if he lost his privileges and had to live in the real world.


Jul-27-13 9:13 AM

Hey dude, where are those sources? You are not entitled to make up your own facts and figures, not good journalism.

And by the way how do the oppressed masses that do not have an id cash a check? One in four is the number you burped out. Kind of interesting how that large swath of our population gets by without the legal ability to get cash for daily living.

Party on shadow finace dude.


Jul-26-13 5:24 PM

Hey dude you are hearing voices again, you need to chill out before you pop one of your occluded arteries.

Please enlighten us how you can get through security and board a commercial aircraft without an id. How do you pawn that ring, how do you get into a Federal Court, how do get copies of your medical records....? The convenient truth is that you only argue when you want to argue, and then you forget to answer all of the questions posed.Oh, by the way how does one get those Federal and State benefits without a bank account. Do cite the source where over 25% of the population do not have a bank account, and thus they do not get those benefits. I believe that you chose to spew out stats, but you never quote the sources, again how convenient.

Dude, you can not make up the facts when you have no hand. Playing poker with you would be a cakewalk because you overplay you hand with nothing but bluff. You are not a Cool Hand Luke, but a wanna be. So cite your sources Dude.


Jul-26-13 3:19 PM

Please follow links before reacting.

You can take a plane without an ID. Everybody knows that.

And, yes, about 1 in 4 Americans do not have a bank account.

The rightwingers have had years to demonstrate ID voter fraud and have spent big money to try to do it. So far they haven't.

So, question for you: If there isn't a problem, what is their motive for flogging this falsehood?


Jul-25-13 9:55 PM

Hey dude, you spent to much time in the sun again, at least cover that shiny dome. Why did you blow out your squeaker in this latest round of pure stupidity, and yes your hatred?

Simply your standard is anyone who disagrees with you is a hater,racist, or whatever you burp out.

Please tell us how one enters a Federal Court Building, opens a bank account because you can only receive your SS or other benefits through direct deposit, or takes a plane without an id. Gee, you even need an id to pawn a ring to meet rent! Yet our right to vote is only precious to those who do so often and without controls. You still don't have one original thought in your gefilte brain unless it's from your fellow gnats that are so quick to yell racism only to cover their own behinds, because god forbid your politicos would ever want to be accountable to any voting oversight . Better to spew names at the right to obfuscate the issues that need to be brought to light.

Party on hater.


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