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Why regulation is good

May 29, 2013 - Harry Eagar
Bloomberg's Craig Torres has an excellent little history of the demand to create a national reserve bank.

It was one of the sorest political points in early United States history, with populists against it, but eventually they bowed to reality. This is the reality they bowed to:

"America was caught up in an industrial revolution that its banking system couldn’t sustain, as the letter from Gleason emphasizes. Glass and his Senate partner on the bill, Robert Latham Owen Jr. -- a lifelong friend and Oklahoma Democrat who, like Glass, was born in Lynchburg -- would watch the banking system trip the economy time and again.

"Between 1890 and 1914, there were eight recessions lasting an average of 18 months, including banking crises in 1893 and 1907. Shopkeepers, factory owners, farmers and even bankers had identified the U.S. financial system as a matter of national importance."

Teaconomists please note: in a low-debt, no regulation, small gubmint environment, the economy failed to grow, it crashed every seven years and it did not rapidly recover if left to itself.

After the New Deal, the economy grew steadily, it never crashed. That's why I'm a New Dealer. The New Deal made capitalism work.

Quite apart from the conspiracy theorists (who when examined under a lens often turn out to be Jew-haters) who think the Federal Reserve and other reserve banks are private enterprises secretly controlling the world, the only slightly less eccentric Teac nomists for some reason want to go back to the pre-1913 condition.

And they pretty much have the Republican Party in a headlock.

I sometimes hear it said that there is no impersonal "market," only real people running businesses and households. True enough so far as it goes. But if you insist on looking at it that way, it puts a dfferent light on Andy Mellon's advice to Herbert Hoover in 1930 to "liquidate labor" etc.

Few if any 21st century rightwingers are as honest as Andy Mellon was, but that's what they were advocating in lae 2008 and 2009.


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Jun-01-13 11:39 PM

It's hard to roll back deflation, as anyone paying attention during the past five years ought to know.

Among the New Deal's many successes: It is no longer legal (or even acceptable to public opinion) to machinegun workers.


May-31-13 10:56 PM

Hey dude, your knowledge of the New Deal is superficial at best, and only reveals your political tint. The New Deal was in many ways counterproductive,and only WW2 got the economy back on track. Shameful that it took a war to right economy, but more shameful that you continue to spin a tale of leftish ignorance .


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