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2 ideas at once, head must explode

April 22, 2013 - Harry Eagar
Hmmm. As regular readers know, RtO is skeptical of AGW (anthropomorphic climate change) and of the unchallengeable wisdom of the free market. Both at the same time, if you can believe that.

According to some study in Psychological Science, though, AGW skeptics are free market devotees, or something:

"Lewandowsky and his colleagues’ research also found supporters of right-wing economics tend to reject 'other established scientific findings, such as the fact that HIV causes AIDs and that smoking causes lung cancer.' Additionally, researchers found a strong link between climate change deniers and conspiracists in general, such as the 9/11 'truthers' movement and those who believe NASA staged the Apollo 11 moon landing."

And how did Lewandowsky et al acquire their scientifically-valid sampling?

"Examining 1,377 visitors to climate change denial blogs . . ."

RtO is sorry, but it does not believe that "Stephen Lewandowsky" is really a credentialed scholar at the "Psychology Department" of the "University of Western Australia." RtO does not believe there really is a psychology department at good ol' UWA, and is doubtful there is even a place called "Western Australia" or that it has any people in it.

It's easier to believe that "Psychological Science" is one of those spoof sites that are so common on the Innertubes, like The Onion. It can't be serious.


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